4 Lesser-Known Hill Stations In Himachal Pradesh To Visit On Your Next Holiday

4 Lesser-Known Hill Stations In Himachal Pradesh To Visit On Your Next Holiday

The peaceful mornings and evenings, the sun and the wind, the abundance of trees and a scenic layout. Mountains maintain a very special place in a lot of people’s hearts as they are a perennial favourite when it comes to escaping from reality to serenity. Road trips with long drives overlooking valleys and hot chai and Maggi are exactly what you need to keep you and your soul warm.

Himachal Pradesh in Northern India is a state that is a tourist favourite. Many famous and known hill stations are located in the state and attract a large number of people during favourable months. Apart from the well-known and established destinations, Himachal Pradesh is home to many unexplored and lesser-known scenic places to travel to.

I. Tirthan Valley

Lying next to the Tirthan river is the Tirthan valley, a beautiful valley surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park. As one of the most peaceful offbeat sites in Himachal, the valley truly gives you a sense of lying in nature’s lap. With various places to explore within the valley, you find yourself on an adventure as peaceful as it gets.

There are activities like river crossing, trekking, trout fishing and rock climbing and you can try your hand at something you’ve never tried before while connecting with nature at the same time.

II. Bir Billing

India’s favourite and Asia’s second-highest destination for Paragliding finds its home in Bir Billing. Only 70 km out of Barot, Bir Billing is a famous yet less visited destination two towns make for a fun-filled trip. Billing is the town famous for paragliding while Bir attracts tourists due to its famous Buddhist/Tibetan monasteries and a stupa. Apart from being the Paragliding Capital of India, you can pursue a great many activities while you’re there like camping, mountain biking, visiting the Bir River, sitting on the Toy Train and exploring cafes and bazaars in the town.

III. Malana

An ancient village situated in the lap of Malana Nala, a valley of the Parvati and Kullu valley stands out due to its isolation from the rest of the world. Along with being one of the most beautiful places in India, it also takes home the title of one of the most beautiful villages in India. Inhabited by a small number of families who’ve been living in the village for a very long time, Malana enjoys its exclusivity while practising its own set of administrative laws that are derived from the Greek management system and culture.

4 Lesser-Known Hill Stations In Himachal Pradesh To Visit On Your Next Holiday
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Famous for being the best cultivators of hashish, the villagers alleged that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great, whose soldiers took shelter in this village centuries ago. While you’re in Malana you can visit multiple temples like Jamadagni and the Renuka Devi Shrine, enjoys the view of the village from the Chanderkheni and trek the Hampta Pass.

IV. Thanedar

An equivalent of heaven for people that adore orchards and enjoy the company of countless trees adorned with fruits, Thanedar is a place 20 minutes out of Narkanda that is famous for its orchid selection. From juicy apples to scrumptious cherries, you can take your pick while enjoying the luxuries of several resorts to choose from. A colourful and delicious retreat, Thanedar is a beautiful destination to escape to in order to feel in touch with nature. When you’re not picking fruits, you can pay a visit to the Nag Devta temple, check out one of India’s oldest churches, St. Mary’s church and trek to the Hathu Peak to enjoy a scenic view of the Himalayan peaks decorated by pure white snow.

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