4 Powerful Mother-Daughter Duos & Their Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journeys

4 Powerful Mother-Daughter Duos & Their Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journeys
(L) ORCO ; Imarim (R)

Building a business from the ground up is no easy feat. The biggest, most successful businesspersons will tell you that the toll it takes on you mentally as well as physically is immense. The dedication it requires is no less than what a newborn baby requires and even then, there’s a chance it won’t return even a fraction of what you put into it.

It always helps to have someone on the same journey with you; to share your ups as well as your downs, to pick up the pieces when things go wrong, but most importantly, to believe in what you believe in.

There’s no better partnership than that of mothers and daughters, even in the business sphere. As women continue to pave paths in various sectors, there are a few mother-daughter duos that have successfully set up businesses and run them like true bosses. Not only are we in awe of them, our appreciation for their dedication and abilities knows no bounds.

Giving them a small, small part of the recognition they deserve, here are a few mother-daughter led businesses that we recommend you check out.

I. Imarim

Imarim has been on Homegrown’s radar for quite some time now (maybe even since their inception). A zero-waste brand that transforms scrap and discarded items into wondrous home decor, Riti and Maanya Dhar’s Imarim has created a unique identity – one that makes their products instantly recognizable. Their love for colour, nature, and patterns seeps through across everything they create. They also offer an interior styling service to brighten up your home.

Riti, with her advertising background and Maanya, with her expertise in visual arts, create magic through inanimate objects, are truly capable of lending life to spaces.

Read our conversation with team Imarim here.

Find Imarim here.

You can also find them on Instagram here.


Organic condiments and spices brand, ORCO was founded by Pragya Agarwal and her daughter, Adhvika Agarwal. It was launched in 2017 with a team of women who produce hand-ground, hand-pounded, and hand-cleaned natural spices grown without chemicals and pesticides. As of now, they offer a range of 56 spices and condiments.

ORCO focuses on women empowerment and gives marginalised women an opportunity to earn their independent wage and live a life of dignity and autonomy. They currently have 100 women employed but plan to increase this to 500 within the next year.

Find ORCO here.

Visit their Instagram page here.

III. Trijog

Mother-daughter Anureet and Arushi Sethi began Trijog back in 2014 as a mental wellness platform. Making mental health care free of complications, Trijog is designed to provide psychological counselling and therapy to those who seek it. Anureet herself has over 30 years of experience as a clinical psychologist.

It is now one of India’s foremost companies normalising the need for mental health and also acts as a gateway that connects people to professionals who can provide help.

Find Trijog here.

Image Courtesy: Inc42

IV. WhySoBlue

In 2015, mother-daughter duo Jaya and Shweta Shivkumar began WhySoBlue, a clothing brand that produces hand-made and customisable clothes. While Shweta looks after the operational side of the business, Jaya uses her expertise and executes the designs. From dresses to co-ord sets and accessories to kurtas, WhySoBlue presents a vast range of options. They operate out of a studio in Thane, Mumbai.

Find WhySoBlue here.

Image Courtesy: Local Samosa

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