5 Collaborative Productivity Tools For Everyone Working From Home

5 Collaborative Productivity Tools For Everyone Working From Home

Whether you are working from home or working in a remote location, you know the importance of teamwork for swift working conditions. While you may start missing the hustle-bustle of office life, make sure you don’t start missing out on work during this work-from-home season. Here is a list of 5 Apps and Softwares that will boost your team’s productivity in these testing times.

I. Office 365

The software is now cloud-based, which mean you can carry your work from one device to another by simply syncing it to the server. A simple Word document can be used to communicate your best ideas to your team, on-the-go. While this has a paid version, the free basic plan works for most people. Read more about its pricing options here.

II. Podio

Podio describes itself as a flexible and customizable online platform for work and communication among teams. In other words, it gives you a way to organize large stacks of work and to delegate tasks between employees. The employers can create task files for each division of their workforce while the employees can keep track of the same. Moreover, it has a mobile app to carry your workaround.

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III. Canva

The free design platform for every template requirement of yours. The Homegrown Staff swears by it. A very easy-to-use layout and it comes equipped with themes, designs which are popular and edgy. One can collaborate on design projects with this platform. You may customise your image resolutions and even merge two images to fit the bill. Learn more about its pricing & other features here.

IV. Zoom

Zoom is your alternative to Google Meet (which is just Hangout, but for meetings). One can schedule video conference calls with their entire team. Audio calls are also an engaging feature. The IM feature makes it ideal for sending files or calendars across to a particular group on the video/audio call. Additionally one can host webinars for the team. You can visit its website here.

V. Github

One of the leading software development platforms, you can host and review, manage projects and code alongside your peers. Project management for coders is made easy through this platform. If you are working on a project and need to collaborate with others, this is ideal software. It helps keep your data protected as well as transparent only to collaborating parties. Visit its website for more information on pricing and other collaborative features.

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