5 Ethical Homegrown Fashion Brands To Choose Over Fast Fashion

5 Ethical Homegrown Fashion Brands To Choose Over Fast Fashion

As consumers, we’ve become increasingly aware and accountable about our purchases, channelling the principles of a conscious belief system to make a positive difference for the planet and the people involved in the making of our clothes and goods.

This is why the need of the hour seems to settle upon embracing a more ethical model of lifestyle and that includes our fashion choices as well!

Whether your latest resolution is to shop more mindfully or you’re wanting to discover ethical brands to lessen your fast fashion impulses, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite sustainable Homegrown labels.

I. Doodlage

Catching us as a familiar favourite with young shoppers all across the country, Doodlage focuses on the idea that longevity is key for a greener wardrobe. A fine range of shirts, trench coats, dresses, and much more mark the label’s collection. It’s an environmentally conscious brand creating seasonless, well-finished garments out of factory waste and post cutting scraps.

View the label here.

II. Maati

Reintroducing organic textiles in a range of exciting garments, Maati emphasises blending Indian Textiles from the east with the most comfortable and easy silhouettes from the west to make everyday fashion better. We suggest checking out the Jamdani dresses, striped summertime kurta, and overlay jacket for your spring-summer shopping this year.

View the label here.

III. The Sufi Studio

Propagating a living, breathing and moving philosophy of life interpreted through conscious fashion, The Sufi Studio’s Bohemian silhouettes have a character of their own. The brand believes in free-flowing silhouettes created from raw organic fabrics that approach a nurturing take on fashion.

View the label here.

IV. Wear Insom

InSom by Sajal Jain is a contemporary fashion label that puts transparency as the primary tenet of inventing. The brand is doing its bit to look after the planet and empower its customers to make greener choices with their wardrobes. With perfectly tailored pieces in modern styles, the brand recycles leftovers, defective and surplus fabrics from large scale organic fabric manufacturing industries and transforms them into wearable art.

View the label here.

Insom's Denim Drama collection

V. Khadiwala

Dedicated to the revival of authentic Indian khadi through streetwear, Khadiwear stays true to Jharkhandi craftsmanship as it weaves identity into mainstream fashion. Altering all the outdated notions attached with Khaadi, the label takes an innovative approach to unisex clothing within its sustainable designs.

View the label here.

Khaadiwear Garments

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