5 Vineyards Across India For Your Next Weekend Getaway

5 Vineyards Across India For Your Next Weekend Getaway
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My own personal dalliance with wine has never really extended beyond the occasional sip from my parents’ glass, and the sickly sweet magic that is Echo Falls White Zinfandel (the cheapest wine you can buy at the store down the street from my college dorm in London). In all honesty, I have never been an oenophile (which is apparently the fancy pants words for a wine lover), nor have I ever had the urge to become one.

But, while I might not like wine itself, there is something about the beauty of vineyards that I cannot shake - the sprawling acres of neatly arranged grapevines, the majestic hills in the background, the elegance of a wine glass catching the light. A vineyard vacation seems like the epitome of luxury. And with the rising success of Indian wine makers, vineyards tourism has never been more accessible for Indians than it is today. Here at Homegrown, we rounded up some of the most beautiful wineries in India for the perfect weekend getaway or even a romantic retreat.

The only vineyard on this list located outside the state of Maharashtra, the Grover Zampa Vineyard is home to the Zampa range of wines and was one of the first places to grow French wine grapes in India. Started by the Grover family in the 1980s, the Grover vineyard was established in Karnataka with the help of George Vesselle, who was, at the time, the Technical Director of the Champagne Mumm Vineyard in France and often called ‘The Pope Of Wine’. Since its opening, the Grover Zampa vineyard has produced some of the finest wines to come out of India, and opened a second winery in Nashik Valley. Both the vineyards in Nashik and Nandi Hills, Karnataka offer a number of amazing opportunities for wine connoisseurs to experience the world of viticulture. From tours of the vineyards, winery, and barrel room, to a special wine tasting and lunch, visitors to the Grover Zampa Vineyards can get an inside look into the making of their favourite beverage, learn about the fascinating history of the vineyards, and have a chance to learn about the joys of wine from winery experts.

You can find out more about visiting the Grover Zampa Vineyards here.

Grover Zampa Vineyards

Though it might be one of India’s newer wine brands, the Fratelli Wines are already making a name for themselves in the industry. Set up in 2007, Fratelli Wines is a joint Indo-Italian venture by three pairs of brothers, the Sekhri’s and the Mohite-Patil’s from India, and the Secci’s from Italy. Supervised by Tuscan wine expert Piero Masi, Fratelli Wines is determined to bring the age old traditions of Italian winemaking to India, and has been known to make one of India’s best red wines, the Fratelli Sette Reserve Red. With sites in Solapur, Motewadi, and Garwar, the Fratelli vineyards make for an Indian oenophile’s dream vacation. Aside from the usual winery tours and day trips, the vineyards also offer Weekend Getaway and Rejuvenation Getaway packages that include a stay at the vineyard, and stay packages where guests are given accommodation at the Hotel Grand Regency, 12km away from the vineyard, and a chance to tour the vineyard.

You can book a trip to the Fratelli Wines facility here.

Situated in the scenic countryside of Igatpuri, Nashik, the Vallone Vineyards were established in 2009. Using the principles of classic French viticulture, the Vallone Vineyards is a boutique winery focused on serving premium wines at affordable prices. Most well known for their French dessert wines and The Anokhee Cabernet Sauvignon, the Vallone Vineyards will thrill any wine lover worth their salt. Trips to the Vallone Vineyards are focused on sharing the magic of making wine - their customised tours are conducted by the vineyard’s expert winemaker himself, and will take guests through the process ‘from vine to wine’. The cherry on top of the Vallone Vineyards experience is their adorable, vintage-inspired boutique hotel, Bankside, with views of the Sahyadri mountains. Decorated with vintage furniture, guests at the four rooms of the Bankside Resort will be able to experience the art of oenology right from the centre of the scenic Vallone Vineyards.

You can arrange an experience of the Vallone Vineyards here.

Vallonne Vineyards

Incepted in 2006, the Four Seasons Wines vineyard outside of Baramati, Maharashtra, is the birthplace of some of India’s best luxury and premium wines. With wines that have amassed 48 international awards in the last 12 years, the Four Seasons Winery is a must-visit for all Indian wine lovers. The crown jewel of the property is the magnificent chateau that guests can stay and dine in. The palatial building makes for a uniquely luxurious vacation spot, with 10 rooms and 4 suites that overlook the scenic vineyards. Whether you’re watching the sunset on the Sahyadri mountains from the chateau’s sun deck or taking a tour around the winery, any experience at the Four Seasons Wines vineyard is destined to be magical.

You can prepare your trip to the Four Seasons vineyard here.

Four Seasons Wines

Last, but definitely not least, is Sula Vineyards. Arguably the most recognisable brand of Indian wine, Sula Vineyards is India’s most successful winery, and recently became the first Indian wine maker to sell over 1 million cases of wine. Established in 1996 by Rajeev Samant, Sula Vineyards was the first vineyards established in Nashik, and instrumental in the transformation of the region into India’s wine capital. The Sula Vineyards have produced India’s first Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc, and launched Sulafest, India’s first wine festival, in 2008. A trip to the Sula Vineyards will never fail to impress - visitors can take in-depth tours of the vineyard, winery, and barrel room, as well as have a tasting session lead by some of India’s leading wine experts. Sula Vineyards is also a pioneer in the world of Indian vineyard tourism, and has two beautiful hotels for quests to stay at ‘Beyond by Sula’ and ‘The Source at Sula’.

You can book your stay at Sula Vineyards here.

Feature Image Credit: Sula Vineyards

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