With Truffles, Mint Chutney, Smoked Sausage - 7 Mumbai Egg Dishes That Never Disappoint

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Scrambled, poached, deviled, fried or baked—eggs have long since carved their way to the top of the Breakfast Club’s bureaucracy thanks to their versatility but here in Mumbai, they’ve found a way to extend their reign of power. Right from morning meals to midnight snacks, any time-centric hunger pangs can be satiated with a street side egg roll bursting with fried onions and chillies or hey, if you’re a little bit classier than us, a quick, hollandaise-dripping eggs benedict at the nearest all-day cafe of your choice.

They say you can tell a lot from a person’s egg preferences, but since we never know whether we’re craving a roadside bhurji or a chic eggs benny, we’re in a constant state of confusion. That’s why we put together this rather eggscellent (sorry, we couldn’t resist) list of the city’s best egg preparations. Now go break that yolk just right, we’re counting on you to do it justice.

I. Soft Eggs and Andouille Sausage on Sourdough Toast at Toast & Tonic

Where: Unit 1, Ground Floor, Jet Airways, Godrej Building, Bandra Kurla Complex.

This is the breakfast staple like you’ve never seen it before. You’d be safe ordering pretty much anything off Toast & Tonic’s menu but this right here is something special. Light-as-air eggs atop a slice of rustic hearty sourdough would sound appealing on its own. Throw in the French Andouille sausage, green mustard, Bandel cream cheese and gin mustard hollandaise and you’ve got yourself a veritable feast.

Cost: At INR 400 its a bit steep for every day but perfect for that special Sunday brunch.

II. Anda Bhurji Roll at Mini Punjab

Where: Four outlets across the city (but the Bandra one is our haunt)

Now we know you could get this at every station and street corner and be perfectly satisfied but why pass up perfection? The key to a successful bhurji, is balance and Mini Punjab has got the formula down pat. Though this beauty isn’t on their regular menu just give them a call and ask nicely and you’re good to go. We do advise you to put in a request for less oil when you order because they can be a bit heavy-handed and nothing ruins a good meal like chomping through an oil slick.

Cost: Worth every penny at INR 170.

III. Poached Eggs on Whipped Yogurt at Cafe Zoe

Where: Mathuradas Mills Compound, NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel.

If you fill like a slightly healthier option this is the one for you. The perfect poach is hard to attain at the best of times but this one has never disappointed. The whipped yogurt adds a fresh, smooth kick to the dish and the tones of chilli butter and paprika add a nice subtle heat. It’s served on fresh rye which will leave you feeling full and happy without packing on the pounds.

Cost: A great meal at a great price for INR 300.

IV. Salli Per Eedu at Jimmy Boy

Where: Vikas Building, 11 Bank Street, Off Horniman Circle, Lane opposite Cheetah Gate, Fort.

Nobody knows eggs like the Parsis, the age old love affair endured the test of time and the motto ‘everything per eedu’ still rings true. Jimmy Boy’s take on the dish is completely true to the original, eggs in all their glory, sunny-side-up on a base of crispy potato sticks, tomatoes, onions, chillies and coriander. Keeping it simple with tried and tested flavours. Pair with brun pav and chai for a taste of perfection.

Cost: Almost nothing for something this delectable at INR 180.

V. Eggs Kejriwal at Bombay Canteen

Where: Ground Floor, Process House, Kamala Mills, Near Radio Mirchi Office, S.B. Marg, Lower Parel.

The product of one man’s innovative stomach, this club standard has skyrocketed in popularity to become a favourite across the globe. The original Eggs Kejriwal is known for being a simple creation, made up of a buttery slice of toast, a poached or fried egg, processed cheese and a healthy smattering of chillis but Bombay Canteen does it which their own special flair.

Cost: INR 250 is almost nothing to taste this international superstar.

VI. Egg Roll at Hangla’s

Where: 36-A, Sai Flour Mill, St. John Baptist Road, Mount Mary, Bandstand, Bandra West plus 9 more outlets across the city.

And onward to the indigenous stuff, thank goodness. Because if there’s one thing India gets right, it’s their treatment of the egg as an ingredient. Simplicity is key when it comes to egg dishes, and the good folks at Hangla’s know how to get this right. A fried egg, freshly chopped green chillies and onion are bundled into warm, crisp paratha to make for a sumptuous, filling snack.

Cost: At INR 60 this feast is guilt-free.

VII. Truffled Scrambled Egg On Toast at The Table

Where: Kalapesi Trust Building, Near Hotel Suba Palace, CS Maharishi Marg, Colaba.

This is undoubtedly the most indulgent breakfast in town. Creamy and custard-like, the Truffled Scrambled Egg on Toast will leave you feeling like a million bucks without having to shell out quite as much. The heady flavours of truffle blend seamlessly with the French-style scrambled eggs, chives and toasted sourdough to make for a meal you’re going to be back for sooner than you think.

Cost: Start saving because this one is worthy of your bucket list at INR 905.

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