A Delhi-based Organisation Is Conducting Dedicated Heritage Walks For Women

Enroute Indian History
Enroute Indian HistoryEnroute Indian History

The rich heritage of Delhi is best explored through the historic monuments present in the state. Moreover this vibrant past really comes alive at night as the buildings light up and each corner of the site can be studied under the night sky. Unfortunately women have not had the access to these experiences as they require a certain amount of privilege and safety. 

Transforming the space of travel in Delhi, Enroute Indian History is a women-led education company who are now curating experiences where women get to explore the city at night. The company has been organising similar heritage walks for diverse groups for some years now, however, they were inspired to create this separate spectacle due to the many concerns of women who were eager to explore yet held onto safety concerns.

They are hoping to create a safe space for women, where they can reclaim the night, drop their inhibitions and truly enjoy the environment without feeling watched. This is the first step in creating a more inclusive culture of travel, providing women with the same right to their heritage as men. It also seeks to foster sisterhood and a community where women can engage with one another as explorers. 

The company welcomes ‘double entry’ which means you can be accompanied by another female friend to enjoy the expedition. You can find more about the upcoming walks and other ticket information here.

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