A Homegrown Guide To Delhi's Best Paratha Spots

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Parathas have this innate versatility in them. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time of the day when you are feeling hungry. Our mothers may make the best parathas but what if they are not around? As adults, most of us don’t live with our parents and often find ourselves too lazy to cook after a hectic workday. What do we do then? If you are cruising around the city of Delhi even at 4 am in the morning, when life is still at a standstill and the hustle and bustle of the city haven’t awakened, you can still satiate your appetite with parathas, in shops that operate around the clock. While there are several paratha shops in Delhi, only a few are mouth-wateringly delicious. Here is a list of such shops that we have curated for you:

I. Paranthe Wali Gali (Chandni Chowk)

This narrow lane in the heart of Old Delhi is famous for its delicious parathas. The name literally translates to the lane serving the famous Indian flatbread. Here, you can find a variety of parathas, from aloo to gobhi to paneer. The paranthas here are unique as they are a blend of the traditional Punjabi paratha and the Bedmi poori (deep-fried stuffed Indian bread), which is not cooked on the tawa but deep-fried in a kadhai (wok-like pot). The paratha is served with spicy potato sabzi or curry and tamarind-banana chutney. Two of the best shops in this food paradise are Pt Babu Ram Paranthe Wala and Pt. Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan Paranthewala. There is also a Paranthe Wali Gali in West Delhi, which is just as good but not as famous as its northern counterpart.

II. Kake Di Hatti (Chandni Chowk)

This legendary restaurant in Old Delhi is renowned for its North Indian cuisine. It has been serving delicious parathas for over 75 years. The must-try parathas here are aloo, gobhi, pyaaz, and paneer served to you in authentic Punjabi style, dipped in butter, and made to perfection. You will forget about your calorie count when you step inside this restaurant.

More Than Paranthas (Faridabad)

Do we really need something more than parathas? I guess, not. But do not be confused by the name. More than Parathas’s specialty is its health-conscious approach to cooking. All kinds of parathas cooked here use healthy ingredients. So, you can eat to your heart’s content without any guilt or fear of reprimanding from your gym instructor. Their palak corn is unique no one in Delhi does it better.

IV. Rajinder Da Dhaba (Nauroji Nagar Marg)

It is no mandate that parathas have to be enjoyed only with vegetarian sides. For those of you who are strictly non-vegetarian, we have some good news. Rajinder Da Dhaba serves one of the most popular dishes from Lucknow, the galouti kebab with their parathas. They normally serve galouti kebab with rumali roti but the trick is to separately ask them for their parathas. To make the meal an even more mouth-watering experience, ask them to make the parathas extra crispy, and they will crumble it and the texture will go very well with the soft galouti kebab.

V. Dadu Cutlet Shop (Chittaranjan Park)

Mughlai paratha is one of the many beautiful things that came out during the Mughal reign. Inspired by the Turkish Gözleme, Mughlai paratha is paratha served with egg inside it. First, you make the paratha, make a hole in it, then stuff the egg in and seal it again. It is a very popular dish in Bengal as well and the name of the shop has the word 'Dadu' in it, which translates to grandfather in Bengali. This shop is one of the hidden gems in South Delhi and is a must-try.