A Homegrown Guide To Karnataka’s Coffee Plantations

A Homegrown Guide To Karnataka’s Coffee Plantations

A delectable cup of filter coffee makes for the quintessential South Indian lifestyle. Staying true to this legacy, the region, the state of Karnataka in particular has become home to a large number of coffee plantations and estates, some of which alternate as experiential homestays and eco-resorts. Accounting for nearly 70% of coffee production in the country, Karnataka tops the list as the largest producer of the crop.

Estates that have been passed down from generations today are expanding and curating an experience that is deeply immersive, rooted in nature and has inevitably given rise to a coffee brewing culture that is unique to the region.

Here is Homegrown’s guide to exploring Karnataka’s coffee trail.

I. Halli Berri Coffee & Cottage, Chikmagalur/Coorg

This diversified coffee plantation is run by a mother-daughter duo that decided to carry on the legacy of the property after the passing of their husband and father respectively. Nestled between the lush green forests of the Western Ghats, Halli Berri presently runs two properties that double as a stay and a cafe in Chikmagalur and Coorg. The brand has also launched a range of homegrown sustainable, artisanal coffee products that can also be purchased on their website.

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II. Kerehaklu, Chikmagalur

Tucked away in the green folds of the mighty Western Ghats, Kerehaklu derives its name from the 11th-century Kannada term that literally translates to ‘the lake shelter’. Run by a family of fourth-generation coffee planters, this property is a mindfully created space that is deeply rooted in its heritage and biodiversity. This is an ancestral home that has been converted into an experiential homestay.

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III. Primrose Villas, Kaimara

Located off Chikmagalur, this stunning property boasts luxury cottages whose walls are made of glass. It offers a picturesque view of tropical Karnataka, which truly comes alive during this time of the year. Guided coffee trails and workshops are also conducted here for those who wish to immerse themselves in the local brewing culture.

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IV. Riverside Coffee Estates, Siddapura

Situated about 30 kms from Madikeri, Coorg, Riverside estate offers a view and a disconnect from city life like no other. With sprawling gardens and quaint cottages with a large patio, this is the perfect getaway for small groups and couples that are looking forward to some quiet time in the lap of nature.

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