A Homegrown Guide To Karnataka’s Unexplored Karavalli Coast

A Homegrown Guide To Karnataka’s Unexplored Karavalli Coast
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On the south-western coast of the country, a pristine stretch of nearly 225 kilometres is home to Karnataka’s authentic Karavalli coastline that boasts of a rich culture of its own. Although largely unexplored, coastal Karnataka has a vibrant and diverse heritage of ancient temples, untouched beaches, and a delectable Karavalli cuisine that is best suited for those looking for a serene and calm weekend getaway.

Here are Homegrown’s picks for the little known seaside towns that Karnataka’s stunning coast has to offer.

I. Kaup Beach & Lighthouse

This sleepy little beach town is located right in between the better known Udupi and Mangalore. Kapu, as the locals call it, boasts of a 120-year old lighthouse standing atop a hillock facing the vast blue waters of the Arabian sea. The adjoining white sand beach offers a pleasant view for you to unwind and also offers scuba diving courses for those who wish to take part in some water adventure.

Image source: Karnataka Tourism

II. Honnavar

This eco beach is a must-visit on your next trip to coastal Karnataka. It is one of the only blue flag beaches in India that is equipped with very clean changing rooms and washrooms that are available for use, free of cost. The lush greenery of the Western Ghats gives you a small teaser closer to the shores of the beach. As there aren’t restaurants or food joints nearby, the locals often suggest that you pack your own food and manage your own waste for a quiet day out at the beach.

III. Devbagh Beach

A tranquil beach island located off Karwar, Devbagh welcomes you into its placid, warm embrace that is surrounded by pine forests and mangroves. The island is accessible from Karwar where frequent ferries are made available for travellers that wish to step into Devbagh. An added bonus to the untouched white sands, ocean waves, and pristine blue skies is that Devbagh is ideal for dolphin-watching too!

IV. St. Mary’s Island

Legend has it that this tiny piece of an island was formed when Madagascar drifted away from India more than 80 million years ago. St. Mary’s island is a picturesque daytime visit for those who seek to explore more than just beaches and cuisine. An hour or two on the island is sufficient to explore it in its entirety.

Image source: Wikipedia

V. Mangalore, Udupi, & Gokarna

The more popular tourist haunts of the lot, Mangalore, Udupi, and Gokarna are home to some of the cleanest beaches on the coast alongside hosting some of the best coastal Karnataka food. Shetty Lunch Home in Mangalore, Karavalli, Thimmappa Fish House in Udupi, and Harbour in Gokarna are some of the must-visit restaurants for seafood delicacies around the coast.

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