Find the perfect spot to enjoy live music in New Delhi.
Find the perfect spot to enjoy live music in New Delhi.L: Khubani R: Auro

A Homegrown Guide To New Delhi’s Best Live Music Venues

Delhi's live music scene is buzzing, with an abundance of venues catering to a diverse range of genres. From cozy jazz clubs to high-energy bars, Delhi has something to offer for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quiet night of jazz or a rave to hit on the weekend, this guide will help you navigate Delhi's thriving live music scene and find the perfect spot to enjoy your favourite music genres.

Auro Kitchen and Bar

Auro is a popular restaurant and bar located in Aurobindo Market, Delhi, that is known for its focus on techno and dance music. The establishment features an open bar area outdoors and an industrial-style DJ console indoor area, providing a unique atmosphere for music enthusiasts. The music played at Auro is carefully curated to suit the overall vibe and ambiance of the establishment. Auro regularly hosts events centered around music, with record labels like Krunk and other music collectives like All Star Sauce Offline and organising frequent nights of unfiltered vibes.

Piano Man Jazz Club

Piano Man Jazz Club is a beloved destination for jazz, blues, and soul enthusiasts in Delhi. The club hosts a variety of easy-listening genres from local up-and-coming artists as well as bigger names in the industry. Piano Man Jazz Club's annual jazz festival, Giants of Jazz, is a highly anticipated event in Delhi's music calendar. The festival has been going strong for multiple years, featuring jazz heavyweights in their lineups. The establishment's warm yet sophisticated ambiance makes it a popular spot for music lovers looking to unwind and enjoy a night of live music. 

The Piano Man Jazz Club
The Piano Man Jazz ClubThe Piano Man Jazz Club


Khubani restaurant at Andaz Delhi offers a unique and immersive dining experience that combines fine Eurasian cuisine with live entertainment. The restaurant's grand decor and cultural ambience are further elevated by its weekly entertainment offerings. Guests can enjoy the mystical and soulful Sufi music on "Roohani Wednesdays" or indulge in the exotic and captivating performances by belly dancers, plate-smashers, and fire dancers on "Arabian Thursdays". Khubani offers a wholly sensory experience.


Inspired by Caribbean culture, Raasta in Delhi’s Green Park is home to live music performances on a regular basis, featuring local and international artists from a range of genres, including electronic, hip-hop and rock. Raasta’s warehouse feel has lead to some of the most raw and gritty live gigs in the city. The open-air seating area is perfect for enjoying the live music performances and the overall ambiance is upbeat and energetic.

Raasta, Green Park
Raasta, Green ParkDineout

Summer House Cafe

Summer House Cafe is another vibrant venue located in Delhi's Aurobindo market. The cafe is known for its lively and feel-good events that range from weekly block parties, open mics, karaoke nights, and gigs by its resident DJs and international artists. The cafe boasts a large rooftop and bar area, as well as an inviting indoor ambience, making it a perfect spot for a night out any day of the week. 

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