A Homegrown Jewellery Brand That Wants To Get Up In Your Grill

A Homegrown Jewellery Brand That Wants To Get Up In Your Grill

Its 2021 and we’re slowly revering from the cover your mouth mandate as the pandemic eases its grip on our lifestyles. We’re all collectively indulging in a newfound appreciation for self-expression that swaps the idea of perfectionism with an individualistic lens.

Grills and oral art are the latest form of wearable art creating waves in the fashion industry, thanks to hip hop influences and a diversifying outlook on contemporary jewellery. But make no mistake, the idea of wearing jewellery as dental ornaments has a decades-long history.

Ancient civilisations like the Etrucians and Mayans were the first ones to stick pieces of metal on their teeth as a sign of wealth between 800 BC and 900 AD.

The dental bling resurfaced again during the 1970s when poor black New Yorkers also regarded as the original progenitors of fashion started opting for dental bling to replace missing teeth. Somewhere in the midst of dental necessity and a fashion item, grills emerged as hip-hop’s favourite new accessory. While its common to see the likes of Kim Kardashian and rappers like Nas sport a bejewelled grin, it’s important to acknowledge that “...grills were a distinctive signifier of upward mobility within the Black community, but their staunch cultural associations with respect to race, class, and gender have faded in time.”

While oral jewellery might not have been a familiar jewel In the Indian landscape, Frostbite is aiming to create a significant shift in attitudes regarding the people’s perception of grill bling and build a cultural narrative with it.

Telling it with his teeth, Shrikesh is a 20 something-year-old with a background in jewellery and music who is regarded as the brainchild heading Frostbite, India’s first premier grills company. To the bling whizz, grills are more than an aesthetic statement but rather a way to creatively express yourself. Your smile is one of your most impressionable features, so you’ve got to make it count. Influenced by his years residing in LA and being an avid hip-hop fan, he decided to translate the cultural narratives he was inspired by into oral art.

Happy to simplify the art for us, Shrikesh elaborates that grills are dental jewellery that is temporary, easily removable and comfortable to wear. Grills break through the confines of traditional jewellery while also paying homage to Indian artistry which is what Frostbite intends to introduce to its audience.

A true celebration of oneself, Shrikesh focuses on making bespoke oral jewellery accessible to anyone and everyone across the country.

‘Indian artistry has a lot to offer — a rich history, a strong design language and an unconventional and unique aesthetic. We want to incorporate all of those elements into Frostbite and its work.’  

— Shrikesh, founder of Frostbite

It’s exciting to see the homegrown hip-hop scene cultivating its own style and visual identity. Indian hop-hop aficionados might recall Shahrule’s unmissable dental bling. Frostbite was the luxury bling brand behind the rap mogul’s dental accessories.

Frostbite aims to push the boundary of jewellery making and go beyond the stereotypical wedding jewellery genre while exploring the intersection between design and desire through their grills.]

View the label here.

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