A Homegrown Label Transforming Vibrant Art Into Functional Fashion

A Homegrown Label Transforming Vibrant Art Into Functional Fashion

The amalgamation of art and fashion has been an emerging trend of this decade and we’re ecstatic about it!

While art is no longer pictured solely on a canvas and isolated in museums, it finds its way into people’s way of expressing individuality and personal style. Many brands and artists across the world are at the helm of getting art off of blank walls and onto the human body as a wearable experience.

The wearable art movement has its roots in the artists of the 60s and 70s but finds itself being revived again. In our current era of fast fashion, brands like Mascchiacio are creating custom clothing that helps you find inspiration in art and would make you look like a living and breathing masterpiece.

The unisex label’s latest collection, Le Fauve, an upcoming first of its kind RTW capsule collection launched this week. The label derives its name and vision from Fauvism, a style of painting that flourished in France at the turn of the 20th century. Fauve artists used pure and brilliant colours, aggressively applied straight from the paint tubes to create an explosion on the canvas.

The collection revolves around Le Fauve, who was transported to planet Maschiaccio, a gender-free, all-inclusive planet, devoid of a fascist, sexist gaze, and the propaganda of a telescopic view of nationalism. Le Fauve discovers the multiverse with the help of an alien on planet Maschiaccio proclaiming layers of scrupulously transliterated hyperreality.

Le Fauves focuses on freezing allegory and social satire into the garments, exaggerating and reiterating renditions of different artworks and art forms serve as abstract elements, with a language of idiosyncratic fashion, focusing on cultural and political boundaries, the cross-cultural repertoire of elements, artforms, and narratives using fantasy as a didactic tool and sci-fi elements.

The wearable art collection plays with the idea of a fantastical ideal world, and escapism. Emphasising the ideas of emotions and the centrality of the individual, it lays an emphasis on subjectivity, feelings, and imagination.

With an elegant drop of six versatile artistic prints, the label’s range of glorious gender-free shirts are art personified!

Check their latest collection out here.

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