A New 'Social E-Commerce' Start-Up Aims To Revolutionise The Handicrafts Industry

A New 'Social E-Commerce' Start-Up Aims To Revolutionise The Handicrafts Industry

Artisans across the country offer a range of merchandise that display traditional aesthetics while championing craftsmanship. The disconnect between urban consumers and local artisans often creates a gap impacting the handloom and handicraft industry. With the intent to improve the livelihood and social-economic conditions of the craftsman, a Visakhapatnam-based startup has introduced a one-of-a-kind techno-experience social platform — Yes!poho.

Connecting artisans and weavers directly with their customers around the country, Yes!poho allows buyers easy access to a wide range of ethnic wear while providing a space for them to modify or customize the product as per their requirements. The platform obtains its ethnic designer dresses from all corners of India, representing the vibrant artistry of the crafts sector that often goes missing in most urban e-commerce spaces.

It addresses the recurring issue of limited choices as well as the frustration caused due to the lack of price transparency and authenticity. The platform was launched to create a truly personalized experience via a single social platform. Yes!poho is reviving the handloom sector while preserving a vibrant expression of Indian culture and preventing the country’s second-oldest industry from becoming extinct.

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