Alcohol Prices In Goa To Increase By 50% From April

Alcohol Prices In Goa To Increase By 50% From April

The BJP government in Goa announced in the State Assembly on February 6 that liquor prices were set to increase from April 1. The chief minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, has proposed to raise the excise duties and fee on the sale of liquor, with the hikes ranging from 20%-50% for all categories of liquor. It is a part of Pramod Sawant’s maiden budget which gave an outlay of Rs 21,056.35 crore in the Legislative Assembly, with a revenue surplus of Rs 353.61 crore. However, despite the increased rates, alcohol sold in Goa will be cheaper than in other states, as reported by The Hindustan Times.

Besides liquor, the government has hiked stamp duty, fees under the land revenue code, as well as the court fees which, the CM said, will help mobilize revenue of additional Rs 150 crore.

“We have only made a small increase in tax so as not to increase the burden on the common man. We have hiked excise duties and fees a little, stamp duty has been hiked, land rates have been revised and court fees have been increased,” Sawant told the media after his budget speech.

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