An Upcoming Exhibition In Delhi Highlights The Imagined Realities Of Dalit Futurism

VesselOsheen Siva

Exploring hybrid and mutated characters by creating a mythology of their own, all inspired by various ancient mythologies and folktales while being rooted in their heritage; Osheen Siva is a young creative working with themes of ‘Dalit Futurism’. In this fantastical world, the hybrid characters are also a way to highlight queer and feminine power. 

Taking cue from 'Afrofuturism', Siva delves into science fiction, technology, sociology, mythology, imagining lived and imagined futures in an alternative reality. The artist seeks to challenge the status quo of the future which is placed as an horizon by capitalism. Through the use of a vivid colour palette, stark contrasts and avant-garde themes, one is engrossed into an unconventional reality of identity and self actualisation. 

A multidisciplinary artist from Thiruvannamalai, currently based in Goa, Siva is rooted in their Dalit and Tamil heritage which in turn helps them imagine new worlds of decolonized dreamscapes. This futuristic oasis with mutants and monsters is visualised through the lens of surrealism, speculative fiction and science fiction.

You can catch their upcoming solo exhibition, 'Vessel' at Pulp Society, Delhi. Find more information regarding the event here

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