Ankit Kapoor’s Illustration Decodes Indian Myths About COVID-19

Ankit Kapoor’s Illustration Decodes Indian Myths About COVID-19
Ankit Kapoor

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly brought out the crazy in all of us — in some more than others. While the world awaits the successful completion of the COVID-19 vaccine research and a possible launch, a few Indians couldn’t help themselves and began giving their invaluable inputs on how to steer clear of the deadly virus.

Artist Ankit Kapoor created a spot-on illustration depicting the nitty-gritty of this very behaviour. In the spotlight is a man with nimbu-mirchi (lemon-chilli) protecting him from the evil of the virus, as his earplugs blare the chant, ‘Go Karuna Go’, to, of course, make the Coronavirus go away. Ankit says that the artwork is a part of a series that he created of absurd products that aim to ‘save’ their users from Coronavirus whilst letting them get on with their normal productive lives. “One day, I’ll turn it into a business and compete with Patanjali. Somehow, this still feels less bizarre than what we hear in the news every day,” he says.

Ankit Kapoor is indeed right when he says that many more bizarre things happen in this country on a daily basis. Additionally, not only are these assumptions incorrect, but they are also dangerous. Here’s a reminder to everyone to follow true guidelines to stay safe from COVID-19, and also curb its spread. You can find these guidelines here.

You can find more of Ankit Kapoor’s work here.

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