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Producing As The Next Step
Producing As The Next Step ProducerLAND

What exactly is long-format audio-visual production? It typically refers to the creation of content that is longer in duration and often tells a more in-depth or comprehensive story. This includes feature films, documentaries, episodic television series, and other forms of extended visual storytelling. Long-format audio-visual production is designed to engage audiences over an extended period, often allowing for more complex narratives, character development, and thematic exploration compared to shorter formats like commercials or short videos. Behind every good work of art that we see unfolding on the big screen, is a tight production setup and a talented team, that works tirelessly.

The production process for long-format audio-visual content involves extensive planning, scripting, shooting, editing, and post-production work compared to shorter formats. It also requires a deeper understanding of storytelling techniques, production planning, pacing, cinematography, visual aesthetics, sound design, industry insight and audience engagement specific to the long format.

The art of production seems complicated and it undoubtedly is. However, with the right guidance you can venture into becoming successful producers who can not only imagine grand and original stories but execute them immaculately. This brings me to ProducerLAND, an ever-growing South Asian community of producers that is nurturing the next generation of creative producers. From organizing cutting-edge residencies and workshops to having masterclasses guiding you to build or scale up your production house, the ProducerLAND team has been working in tandem with the pulse of creative production.

Producing As The Next Step
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ProducerLAND’s latest venture is its winter residency titled ‘Producing as the Next Step’ which promises a unique and transformative residency program in the vibrant setting of Goa, designed for experienced professionals from diverse creative backgrounds with a minimum of 5 years of expertise in their respective fields, who are ready to delve into the realm of long-format audio-visual production. This exclusive 4-day in-person residency offers a comprehensive curriculum, featuring 8 master classes, 2 introspective exercises, and open house discussions, all facilitated by a distinguished lineup of 10 global mentors and experts. Participants can expect to gain an in-depth and practical understanding of creative production through interactive sessions, while also drawing inspiration from recent long-format projects in India and beyond. The program aims to foster a strong sense of community, providing participants with the opportunity to form deeper relationships with their curated cohort and alumni, ultimately opening new doors for collaboration and growth.

Throughout the program, participants will have the chance to engage with industry experts, including consulting producer DipaI Motwane, founder-director of A Little Anarky Films Koval Bhatia and producer Celine Loop, among others. From gaining insights into strategy and content development to understanding the art of pitching and producing for the international market, the residency offers a rich and diverse learning experience. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to pause, think, and introspect about their professional journey, guided by industry leaders, and craft their roadmap for the future. This residency promises to be a pivotal experience for creative professionals seeking to expand their expertise and network within the realm of long-format audio-visual production.

The last date of application is January 8, 2024.

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