Apply Now - Scholarships For S.T.E.A.M School, Where Technology Becomes Social Change

Apply Now - Scholarships For S.T.E.A.M School, Where Technology Becomes Social Change
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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) undertaken by the United Nations in 2015 was an action plan aimed at ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring that people from all strata of society enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. This kind of an undertaking demands a solution-based approach by creative entrepreneurs who can provide unique ways of dealing with each and every problem. Maker’s Asylum is a community space built with the objective of fostering such talent through innovative, hands-on learning. It also provides access to an ecosystem of stakeholders which includes Governments, Businesses, Incubators/Accelerators, Investors and subject matter experts. It also houses a community of artists, designers, engineers who are building indigenous products in order to come up with effective solutions.

The solutions are arrived at, through a 3 pronged methodology which harnesses the power of collective intelligence to solve community problems. Steam school solutions have cut across sectors such as healthcare, education, energy, waste management, sanitation, responsible consumption and production and many others in the last couple of years.

Here are a few such solutions from past S.T.E.A.M School programs:

I. YAWO, which pertains to healthcare. It is a connected and wearable insole for diabetic patients that consists of several pressure sensors at specific points to give dynamic feedback of the patients’ plantar pressure. This data is continuously processed and the user/doctor is provided with an alert when a disorder is detected. Based on the received input the user can correct his/her walking stance. Correction of one’s walking stance is able to prevent foot ulceration.

II. MAKUDO, an interactive engaging device providing a playful learning experience for underprivileged kids. The device teaches kids Mathematics through dancing and creates a group environment for learning. It also tackles the problem of limited attention span by diverting it to an exciting experience.

This year, from 4th to 14th December, Maker’s Asylum will be hosting change makers from across the world in Mumbai for the 4th edition of its flagship programme, S.T.E.A.M. school. It is a 10 days long experiential programme that brings together an interdisciplinary group together to work on problems aligned to the U.N. – Sustainable Development Goals.

STEAM School has been focused on bringing together transdisciplinary groups from across the world to work on SDGs in India and has had over 50 partners and 400 alumni from 25 countries since its inception in 2016 along with the French Embassy in India & CRI in Paris. The esteemed Executive Steering Committee for STEAM School comprises of NaviRadjou - Author of Jugaad & Frugal Innovation, Eric Falt - Director at UNESCO New Delhi, Francois Taddei - Founder at CRI and Ashley Fernandes - Chairman at XAVIER-EMLYON Business School, who are supporting the curation of the program.

You can find more information regarding the program here.

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