Attend A Delhi Exhibition Reviving Indian Artisanal Pottery & Ceramics

Attend A Delhi Exhibition Reviving Indian Artisanal Pottery & Ceramics

As India celebrates its 75th year of independence, ‘Season of Culture’ by the British Council will see a vast programme of creative collaboration, education and cultural exchange taking place online and in cities across India and the UK. The programme aims to raise awareness around key real-world issues. ‘Journeys of Clay and Fire’ is one such exhibit exploring sustainability.

Its unique narrative explores the diverse practices in the realm of contemporary ceramics and the revival of artisanal pottery for sustainable livelihoods. The exhibition aims to draw attention to artisanal pottery, which is one of India’s oldest art forms and underline what artistic collaborations and knowledge exchange can do in terms of reviving a fading art form and taking it to global audiences.

Featuring seven ceramic artists and makers from across India, the primary focus will be on their work in the field of contemporary Indian ceramic art. It is a platform to bring together Indian and UK artists and arts organisations to co-develop and collaborate on projects which explore new futures for craft in India. Furthermore, the exhibition would also explore the fostering of a creative dialogue between design institutions, leading to innovative solutions.

The exhibit includes work by,

Ela Mukherjee – Meanderings and “Tribute to a Shared Past Series

Abhay B. Pandit – Fathom” and Troposphere

K. GukanRaj – Tidal and “Thaw

Neha Kudchadkar – Inheritance and Weightlifter

Shitanshu G. Maurya – The Sketchbook II, Fossil 1, and Fossil II

Shruti Bansal – “Memoirs of Transformation”,

Shirley Bhatnagar – “Ochterlony’s Household” and “Unusual Suspects”.

The event will celebrate the vibrant culture of India while presenting a platform for many emerging artists and will be especially interesting for anyone who wants to explore the unfolding journey of ceramics and pottery in the ethos of this country. The material used by each artist also narrates a story of our sustainable history and hope for the future.

The exhibition will run from September 30 to November 29, 2022, at the British Council, New Delhi.

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