Attend A Festival Celebrating Desire, Pleasure, & Identity Through The Erotic Arts

ErotikamaThe Intimacy Curator

Although often mistaken for pornography, erotica is an avenue for self-exploration and a deeper connection with one's body. Unlike the explicit and often gratuitous nature of pornography, erotica focuses on the art of sensual storytelling, allowing readers or viewers to engage their imaginations and emotions serving as a mirror and reflecting our innermost passions.

Erotica has always been intertwined with Indian history in culture but over the years we have become more repressed sexually as a people. The present-day India can barely be imagined as the land that Kamasutra came out of. To bridge this constitutional dissonance and wash our minds off the stigma around sexual liberation The Intimacy Curator has organized a two-day festival celebrating the erotic arts.

The concept of Erotikama was born out of the belief that information shared through celebration can enhance community building and disseminate consent in a more engaging way. It serves as a platform to challenge societal norms, ignite conversations, and create a safe and inclusive space to explore desire, pleasure, and identity through art. The heart of Erotikama lies in the exploration of erotic arts, including literature, photography, and narration. The festival endeavours to build and support alternative expressions of erotica beyond mainstream pornography.

Beyond the exploration of adult themes, Erotikama also carries a powerful message of supporting safe childhoods. In collaboration with the Garima Trust, an initiative has been launched to raise awareness about child sexual abuse, work towards its prevention, and facilitate redressal for survivors. TIC recognizes the importance of addressing this critical issue and is committed to using their platform for positive change.

Participants can immerse themselves in workshops exploring the realms of romance and passion. These sessions provide a platform to delve into the nuances of these emotions, challenging the conventions of mainstream narratives. Erotikama also offers immersive experiential chambers designed to awaken the senses. From exploring the power dynamics of kink to embracing animalistic attraction and experiencing neo-tantra eroticism, these chambers invite participants to step outside their comfort zones in a safe and guided environment.

For those inclined towards creativity, Erotikama offers workshops in erotic writing, narration, and photography. Participants can learn to craft erotic stories, stimulate the imagination through narration, or capture sensuality through photography. Sensual storytelling and seduction through voice modulation take center stage in the festival's performances. These sessions aim to create an erotic and self-pleasurable atmosphere using the power of words, engaging the audience's senses and imagination.

The festival includes an exhibition showcasing selected erotic photographs that best represent narratives and themes related to sex, intimacy, and gender identity in contemporary urban India. It's a celebration of the visual aspects of erotica and a chance for artists to express themselves freely. It also focuses on understanding personal erotic dispositions and setting boundaries during intimate experiences. Participants can engage in discussions about hard limits, consent, and the willingness to try new experiences in a safe and open environment.

Erotikama is not merely a festival; it's a transformative experience designed to challenge preconceived notions, celebrate diverse expressions of erotica, and promote healthy conversations about intimacy and consent. It's an invitation to embrace one's desires, explore the realms of pleasure, and embark on a journey of self-discovery in a world that often shrouds these topics in secrecy. On September 16 and 17, embrace the art of erotica with Erotikama — where passion, consent, and creativity converge.

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