Slow Garden is a tranquil family-run homestay in Leh, Ladakh.
Slow Garden is a tranquil family-run homestay in Leh, Ladakh.L: Slow Garden Ladakh R: Meera Ganapathi

Attend A Four-day Writing Retreat Conducted By Author Meera Ganapathi In Leh, Ladakh

The English Romantic poets were particularly famous for doing this. They would often escape from the hustle and bustle of London and go amidst some mountains, meadows, forests or by the sea where they would draw inspiration from nature to compose verses. Inspiration flows quite organically in the lap of nature. Today, with our busy schedules and fast lifestyle it is quite difficult to escape the metropolis and make time for such trysts with nature. However, if you are a writer, you know how important travel and new experiences are to create something new. With that in mind, today I am going to tell you about a wonderful four-day writing retreat and workshop in the Land of the High Passes.

The venue for this workshop will be Slow Garden, a tranquil family-run homestay in Leh, Ladakh. Leh, Ladakh is one of the most beautiful regions in India. Snowcapped peaks, clear blue skies, barren mountains with winding rivers — you will be surrounded by it all. The writing retreat will focus on short-form writing involving four comprehensive days of structured reading, observational writing and reviewing, along with studying the life and culture in Leh. Some of the experiences included in the retreat will be a picnic and writing session by the banks of the Indus River, studying life in a monastery, an afternoon spent cooking Ladakhi food, a guided heritage walk around Leh town, a one-day trip to the Alchi monastery with a break to behold the Indus-Zanskar point of confluence and other slow-living activities that will help you connect with nature and reconnect with your inner self.

The venue will certainly play its part in enlivening your imagination and helping you connect to the natural world. You will be surrounded by fresh mountain air, thriving gardens and apricot orchards. Slow Garden, as its name suggests, advocates an eco-conscious, slow-living lifestyle that is almost impossible to achieve amidst the din of urban life. The homestay has been around for over half a century its architecture, while adhering to the traditional Ladakhi style, is a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern amenities. You can bask in the sunlight falling gently in your room, overlooking a lush garden. The space is perfectly conducive to creativity, sustainability and community living.

The Workshop will be conducted by none other than renowned homegrown writer, Meera Ganapathi. She embodies the roles of an author, poet, and editor of the autonomous publication, The Soup. With a background in fine arts and a former career in advertising, she has crafted picture books catering to children and composed short stories tailored to mature audiences. Her latest chapter book Paati vs UNCLE, published by Puffin India, was shortlisted on the Parag Honour List, in 2023. Her short stories and poetry have been published in several well-known anthologies. At present, she is working on a short poetry and prose collection, which will be published by Harper Collins, India in 2024.

The guidance of an accomplished and talented writer coupled with the picturesque natural beauty surrounding you ought to stimulate your mind and get the creative juices flowing. The workshop will be held from 20-25th September, 2023. So what are you waiting for? There are only 15 spots available.

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