Homegrown Self-Care Brands That Are Organic, Sustainable & Eco-Conscious

Homegrown Self-Care Brands That Are Organic, Sustainable & Eco-Conscious

Self-care today is no longer just skin-deep. As consumers, we are increasingly aware of the products we use on our bodies, the ethics behind a product’s creation and the implications this has over the environment and more. The consumer of today is a lot more aware and intrigued by what goes behind the making of the product that they consume. In this regard, brands today too, have innovated in ways that present a hopeful future for the planet while also keeping in mind the consumer’s personal needs.

Here are the latest self-care brands on Homegrown’s radar

I. Bare Necessities

From dental care to food wraps and cutlery, Bare Necessities has an alternative eco-friendly option for every plastic-based everyday item. Their gift bundles make for a great selection to choose from.

#HGLoves The Ultimate Zero Waste Starter kit for a friend seeking to live life more consciously.

Shop Bare Necessities here.

II. Disguise Cosmetics

As India’s first indie cosmetic brand, Disguise outdoes itself with each new product.

#HGLoves their range of vegan lip shades. Head to their Super Saver section for some great deals.

Shop their products here.

III. Hibiscus Monkey

Packing in the wisdom of your Nani’s age-old secrets in their chemical-free and vegan self-care line of hair oils and spray-on oil, Hibiscus Monkey packs in this goodness with their 100 per cent natural products. Make sure to get your hands on The Selfcare Bundle.

Get their range of skincare products here.

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IV. NatHabit

Immortalising age-old skin-care fixes and home remedies, Nathabit brings a refreshing new perspective to viewing at-home skincare. From the range of body ubtans (scrubs) to face packs that rejuvenate, your self-care nights in can now be made a lot more organic, conscious and rejuvenating

Get Nathabit’s products here.


Honing in on the power of essential oils and how they can transform hair, skin and body care overall, this company founded in 2015 offers a wide range of essential oils, serums and creams that are organic and suited for all skin and body types. 10% of RAS’s profits also go to NGOs empowering girl children and their education.

Get RAS’s products here.

Image source: rasluxuryoils.com

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