Barring In: Here’s The Simplest Way To Set Up Your Dream Home Bar

Barring In: Here’s The Simplest Way To Set Up Your Dream Home Bar

We are all going to be home or work from for a very long time. This means one can no longer step out for gatherings, or any other social events. This means no more Thursday nights of “cracking open a cold one with the gang”. About time we took things in our own hands!

Here’s a beginners’ guide to setting up a home bar straight from the Swanky ‘60s.

First, you need to identify the space where you want to set up your bar. Preferably in the living room, where it’s easier to interact with people, whenever you have them over. (Post quarantine, of course.) This allows the whole bar to be an interactive and inviting place.

You must have the following things as part of your bar paraphernalia:

I A jigger

It is an hourglass-shaped measuring device used by bartenders to measure the amount of alcohol to be poured. It ensures that an optimum quantity is poured into every drink. A jigger contains two different measuring amounts – one on either side of the hourglass. A jigger of alcohol refers to 1.5 ounces (approximately 44 ml). The tool is a mark of precision and care in crafting cocktails.

II. A spoon

Not your regular spoon, but a tall one which stays in your hand while you are at it. There are three different bartending spoons – the European Bar Spoon, the American Bar Spoon and the Japanese Bar Spoon – each of which have the same long, twisted shaft, with the main notable difference being the tip. It is a spoon used in mixology to stir cocktails. A bar spoon mixes drinks either in a drinking glass, or in a mixing glass. The main characteristic of bar spoons that separates them from other spoons is the twisted stem. This corkscrew design aids stirring, and is also used for layering cocktails.

III. Cocktail Strainer

A metal bar accessory used to remove ice from a mixed drink while pouring it into a glass; if you don’t have one, a humble sieve from the kitchen would do just fine. It goes a long way in making that perfect cocktail which not only looks good, but also tastes amazing.

IV. Ice Bucket

This is obviously used to store ice. These buckets are large enough, and easy to carry throughout the party. Ice buckets come with a metal condensation and stainless steel make that makes it the right choice for the guests to serve the ice by preserving it in the ice bucket for a long time. The stainless steel has a natural ability for corrosion resistance so that it does not add any undesired aftertaste to your ice.

V. Mixing Glass

It is used to mix the concoction that you have prepared. The mixing glass should be used in those drinks that do not need to be mixed aggressively in a shaker. It should be used for about 15-20 seconds. The technique consists of mixing distillates that have been in barrels for a long time, in order to awaken flavours forgotten in the wood.

VI. Tongs

They are used to pick and drop the ice. They are especially used for reasons of hygiene, since they keep the bartender from touching the ice.

VII. Rocks Glass

It is a glass which is heavy from the bottom, and is mostly used to serve liquor. They are used professionally around the world due to their sturdiness, versatility and cheap pricing. Their distinctive octagonal shape comes as a result of the mold involved in the fabrication process.

It is without a doubt that in times like these, you may or may not have access to all kinds of alcohol. No harm in learning about the 7 Spirits of Alcohol which namely are vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, mezcal and brandy, though, right? The 7 Spirits are an absolute must when you plan on having your own bar. For the lockdown, we suggest a homegrown classic, Old Monk, that can be purposed and repurposed in as many ways as you like it.

Start small. Don’t make the mistake of having a full-fledged bar because the end result is going to be an absolute mess. Start small and grow gradually. Making your own bar at home is a marathon, it shouldn’t be a sprint. Use the liquor or cocktail recipes that you like the most and are most confident about. Another reason why you should pack your bar with your favourite drinks is so that you can share your personal tastes with friends and family. Remember, what you stock in your bar makes for great conversational fodder.

So, come out of the bar-drobe and let’s build a buzzing home bar!


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