Bengaluru To Set Up 2 Shelter Homes For Transgender Children

Bengaluru To Set Up 2 Shelter Homes For Transgender Children
(L) The Indian Express ; India Times (R)

Some of us lived through a rather peaceful childhood – one where our parents agreed to admit us to art, dance and martial arts classes, where our relatives rejoiced at our below-average poem recitation and where our siblings were no short of our best friend.

For many, however, this is far from reality. For most transgender children especially, rejection, abuse and mistreatment are almost always present throughout their childhood.

To tackle this issue, Pallavi Akurathi, the Director of Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) sought to set up separate homes in Bengaluru for these transgender children to provide them with a safe space. In a conversation with The News Minute, she said, “Conversing with people from the transgender community, many spoke up about the harassment and violence they faced in children’s homes and it was clear that a separate home exclusively for transgender children was needed.”

She added in the same interview, “We want people to know that transgender children who are abandoned or have left their home can be sheltered here.”

Two of these homes will be set up in a government complex on Hour Road in Bengaluru city. This is also the first such project to be approved by Union Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Having a secure childhood is something every child (gender, race, religion, faith, no bar) should be able to experience. Hopefully, these homes will be a steady push to begin a mission to provide the same to each child across the country.

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