Brew Your Own Beer With This One-Of-A-Kind Home Brew Kit

Brew Your Own Beer With This One-Of-A-Kind Home Brew Kit

The pandemic presented us with ways to innovate and recreate experiences that would’ve earlier seemed fit to be explored outdoors. While we whiled away two summers in the confines of our homes, we missed out on the simplistic pleasures of grabbing a beer and hanging out with familiar faces amongst other things. This is when Goa-based brewer, model and entrepreneur Komal Choudhary stumbled upon a discovery that would change the brewing game altogether.

Dream UFO home-brew, the brand to emerge out of this experimentation brings the experience of drinking handcrafted, brewed beer to the comfort of your home. The product consists of a handpicked curation of natural ingredients and instruments that will go into creating the perfect craft beer that caters to your palette and tastes. The home kit brings together boilers, a sparging tray, bottle caps, bottles and a handbook that contains tested recipes to get you started on your home brewing journey.

The entire brewing process is expected to take anywhere between 3-4 hours and the fermentation process upto a week. The final carbonation process would take about two weeks and within a month, you would have yourself a stock of freshly brewed home beer. The process makes for an exciting activity for one to not just indulge in alone but also with friends, family, and more.

The home kit is a one-time purchase and the only refills that are required would be the natural ingredients that go into creating your beer.

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