Calling All Artists: Showcase Your Work At Indie Comix Fest In Delhi

Calling All Artists: Showcase Your Work At Indie Comix Fest In Delhi

The Indie Comix Fest is a call out to the diverse and dynamic world of independent comics. Founded with a vision of providing a dedicated space for self-expression through comics, the festival welcomes creators from all walks of life and backgrounds. Whether it's a printed masterpiece in any language or a unique creation from a small press, the Indie Comix Fest embraces the spirit of creativity and celebrates the essence of comics as a medium.

What sets the Indie Comix Fest apart is its commitment to being organized entirely by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. This volunteer-driven ethos showcases a genuine passion for comics and the desire to foster a community that thrives on artistic expression. The festival extends an open invitation for individuals to join as volunteers, emphasising the collective effort that goes into creating an enriching experience for all.

The festival's motto, "More comics! Better comics! Affordable comics!" encapsulates its dedication to promoting a wide array of comics that cater to diverse tastes. This commitment ensures that both creators and attendees are exposed to a rich storytelling, artistic styles, and thematic exploration.

The Indie Comix Fest kicks off the year with a mini-festival at Animela, showcasing a condensed yet impactful version of the larger event. As the year progresses, the festival expands its reach with two major events in March - ICF Delhi on March 17th at Max Mueller Bhavan and ICF Ahmedabad in early March (date to be announced). These events bring together creators, fans, and enthusiasts in a celebration of the vibrant indie comics scene.

The Indie Comix Fest believes in fostering creative expression with a minimum of rules, all while adhering to existing laws. The rules are designed to ensure a fair and open platform for creators. From charging nominal fees for tables to emphasizing creator ownership and prohibiting non-paper based merchandise, the rules are crafted to maintain the integrity and spirit of the festival.

The festival anticipates questions from both visitors and creators alike and has compiled a comprehensive FAQ section. This section covers queries regarding entry fees, content guidelines, eligibility criteria for creators, and the types of merchandise allowed. It serves as a valuable resource for anyone considering participation or attending the festival.

One of the festival's unique features is the maintenance of an archive that catalogs every work sold at the festival. This archive not only preserves the history of indie comics but also serves as evidence to the creativity that graces the festival each year. Participants contribute to this archive by donating a copy of each work, further enriching the collection.

Accessible to the public, the Indie Comix Fest Archive stands as a treasure trove for comic enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring the evolution of indie comics. Interested individuals can contact the festival organizers to access this valuable resource.

The Indie Comix Fest is a celebration of the diverse voices and visions that make up the indie comics landscape. With a commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and a volunteer-driven ethos, the festival continues to be a haven for creators and enthusiasts alike.

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