Artist Vineet Hukmani's Latest Release Combines Music, Film, & Comic Books

RUN! RUN! RUN - STORMVineet Singh Hukmani

Set in a multiverse, musician Vineet Singh Hukmani unveiled his latest immersive project, titled ‘RUN! RUN! RUN - STORM!’ following the success of his album and book ‘Nine’ in 2022. The project comprises a new track, a short music film, and the launch of an original superhero comic book series, all fully conceptualised and directed by the artist himself.

The project features a hard-thumping electro-pop anthem, which is released in immersive stereo and cinematic Dolby ATMOS, along with a short film that depicts the origin story of the superhero RUN STORM, created and played by Hukmani himself. The music film is set in a multiversal 3D animation that depicts RUN STORM sprinting across inter-dimensional terrains in search of something, leaving viewers in suspense as to whether he finds it.

The multiversal trilogy also includes the pilot episode of Hukmani's original comic book series titled ‘RUN STORM & THE HOPE STAR’ which tells the story of how Vineet transforms into RUN STORM, his mission, and his dangerous adversary, DEJECTRA, who he must face to bring the "HOPE STAR" back to Earth. The comic book connects to the song ‘RUN! RUN! RUN!’ and the short music film seamlessly through a QR code, providing readers with an immersive experience across various media.

“It is important for new age singer-songwriters to be able to imagine a multiverse where their music creates not only a larger creative canvas of differentiated expression but also extended opportunities to make money, as the unidimensional approach of music is highly commodified and has almost every artist heading for undistinguishable parity.

Vineet Hukmani

You can find the immersive project here.

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