Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With These Consciously Crafted Artisanal Rakhis

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan With These Consciously Crafted Artisanal Rakhis

In 2022, we all celebrate Rakhi by putting a unique twist on the traditional narrative. ‘Raksha Bandhan’ has become about appreciating the many people in our life that provide us with a sense of security and comfort. Over the years, the annual South Asian festival has transformed into a day where people honour the unspoken heroes such as ‘Guard Bhaiyas’ (security guards) who truly embody the spirit of Raksha Bandhan. It’s also where children tie rakhis on their parents’ wrists and friends celebrate each other. Overall, Raksha Bhandan has evolved into a festival that celebrates togetherness, kinship and inclusivity regardless of gender.

In the spirit of this change, we should collectively be making conscious choices that benefit our communities beyond one day of celebration.

L: Okhai ; R: Big Bear

I. Reusable Rakhis

The wholesale market of rakhi products, created through mass production and in large quantities, often leaves behind a heavy amount of festival waste when they are sooner or later discarded from most homes. Investing in reusable cloth rakhis is a timeless expression of love while ensuring you’re being considerate about our impact on the planet. These vibrant creations showcase a level of craftsmanship lost in our celebrations and bring back authentic artistry.

You can find reusable crochet rakhis created by women artisans of Gaya here & biodegradable burlap rakhis here.

II. Plantable Rakhis

A thoughtful expression of care for our loved ones as well as the planet can be found through plantable rakhi’s. Extending the promise of tenderness to Mother Earth with products that are environmentally friendly, these help control the heaps of waste generated every Raksha Bandhan due to polyester thread rakhis. The intricately woven pieces symbolise the deep adoration and add to the festive spirit of the day.

You can find pure cotton plantable rakhis dipped in natural colours here and clay seed rakhis here.

L: Okhai ; R: Phool

III. Artisanal Rakhis

Our festivals call for an authentic expression of South Asian culture by celebrating our vibrant art and heritage. Sharing pieces of deep cultural relevance curated by our very own Indian artisans is a thoughtful expression of love. Crafted traditional rakhis painted with bright colours display the sheer range and spectrum of Indian artistry and is sure to attract attention. Investing in products made by local artisans also helps our community at large, adding to the shared festive spirit.

You can find traditional Madhubani rakhis with unique motifs here.

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