Craft, Heritage & Couture: Diva'ni Pays Homage To India & Pakistan’s Artisanal Legacy

Craft, Heritage & Couture: Diva'ni Pays Homage To India & Pakistan’s Artisanal Legacy

The collective beauty of India and Pakistan is beyond compare. The partition may have opened up the doors to two distantly different cultures and identities, but they both stem from the same heritage. In our food, architecture, language, and more; there exist common ground and similarities no amount of ‘development’ can erase.

Bridal couture brand Diva’ni embraces the intricacies of crafts of an era gone by. Ancient crafts and craftsmanship are highly appreciated and represented at Diva’ni, and their wondrous lehengas are brimming with artful beauty. The craft of Zardozi embroidery is celebrated here like no other. The carefully designed outfits are allowed to shine on their own and the Zardozi work creates a timelessly elegant pedestal for it to stand on.

Image Courtesy: Diva'ni

This ancient art is respectfully remembered by Diva’ni and the history of Punjab and Awadh is too. In honouring this nostalgic yet timeless art form, the bridal couture label succeeds at uncovering an ‘Undivided Hindostan’ and its craft.

The brand focuses on heirloom and legacy aspects of South Asia and the Indian subcontinent and creates more than an outfit for brides-to-be –– it is a symbol of their land and people’s cultural significance, their memoirs, and their means of expression. Zardozi helps keep these factors alive and pays homage to the motherland that once was while believing that we’re still capable of finding that unity once more.

Image Courtesy: Diva'ni

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