Daily Update: Indian NGOs Collecting COVID-19 Relief Funds For The Underprivileged

Daily Update: Indian NGOs Collecting COVID-19 Relief Funds For The Underprivileged

The recent scare of the Coronavirus has disrupted the mundane for everyone. While we are getting frustrated with the home quarantine situation, a lot us who come from privileged backgrounds still have the option of working from home and earning an income. However, daily wage earners like construction labourers or waste pickers are left to fend for themselves now that their employers have had to let them go. They are scrambling for basic necessities like ration, water and in some cases, money for medical treatment. It is our duty to stand by them in the time of this global pandemic, regardless of government funds being released towards helping them. Donate today to do your part in helping these people and their families.

Team Homegrown will be updating this list every day. We would also like to hear about any other organisations that we may have missed out on our list.

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I. COVID-19 Relief Fund For Daily Wage Workers Of Chandigarh/Tricity:

This campaign aims at providing relief to daily-wage workers in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula who are affected by the lockdown.

They are starting this campaign with an intention to:

  1. Compile a comprehensive list of people who need support in Chandigarh/Tricity region, along with CSA workers.
  2. Provide them with a minimum relief amount of INR 3000/per month, or more depending upon their circumstances and needs. Visit their website to donate.

The beneficiary is called NGO Chhoti Si Asha. Visit their Facebook and Instagram page for more information.

II. Delhi Youth Welfare Association:

This team will collate the details of those who need financial support due to wage loss related to COVID-19. If you know of people who need financial support due to wage loss related to COVID-19, please fill this form.

You may recommend a person who is in dire need of money due to wage loss from the Coronavirus outbreak. Please do verify at your end before you make an entry here. An amount of Rs. 2,500 per family per month is being considered for support towards food etc.

Visit their website here.

III. Corona Virus Relief Fund - Rapid Response

Rapid Response has launched Corona Virus Response in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh.

They are helping the vulnerable sections with much needed Hygiene & Dry Ration Relief Supplies. Individuals and companies can come forward and support their relief efforts by making a donation now. All donations to Rapid Response are 50% tax-exempt under sec 80G.

To donate please click here.

IV. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board

The Delhi Shelter Board sites are offering free meals and have urged everyone to try and send those in need there.

Please refer to this list before sending anyone here. Also, check this map for accurate locations.

DSB control room: 011-2337-8789, 011-2337-0560

Picture Credit - Khushiyaan Foundation Instagram

V. Khushiyaan Foundation

Rotighar Kitchen by the Khushiyaan Foundation is distributing packed meals to security guards and daily wage workers who are out of work due to the coronavirus curfew. The programme is running in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

Each meal packet is for 25 INR. Visit their Instagram page for more details.

VI. Give India - Mission Support COVID Hit Families

They give cash in hand to daily wage earners who have lost their jobs and means of survival.

One can support these families by providing a minimum wage in cash so they can put food on the plate for their children and other dependants.

Visit their Instagram or website for more information.

VII. Uday Foundation - Delhi

Uday Foundation is providing all necessary help and services to the vulnerable section of the society in the time of crisis. They request everyone to come out in support for their fellow beings by donating money towards soap for handwash, hand sanitisers and food supply for one month for the less fortunate people affected by the COVID-19 curfew.

Visit their website for more information.

VIII. Urban Company - COVID 19 Relief Fund

The company is partnering with Srinidhi Foundation, an established charitable trust. They have set up a relief fund for all the deserving gig members whose lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 emergency.

You can donate here.

IX. Hug For Hunger - Bengaluru

The group is asking for a donation to fund their food packages distributed among out of work daily wage workers. One hug pack costs Rs. 500 to feed a family of seven.

Read more on their Instagram page.

X. Goonj

Rahat COVID-19 is a donation drive to aid daily wage workers and their families stuck in cities with no resources or means of income. They plan on providing dry ration and emergency funds.

One can donate through direct bank transfers. Visit their website for more information.

XI. Hasiru Dala

Hasiru Dala works in Bengaluru, Tumakuru, Mysuru, Chikkaballapura, Puttur, Kudur, Mangaluru, Hubli-Dharwad, Davanagere, South Kodagu, Nanjanagudu, Chamarajanagara and Nelamangala in Karnataka and recently started working in Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu and Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh.

The group is now collecting funds to Support for Vulnerable Wastepickers in a time of crisis.
Please visit their Instagram or website for more details.


They’ve launched their COVID-19 relief kit initiative that aims to provide basic ration and hygiene goods to those in need, across Hyderabad, North Karnataka, Bengaluru and Chennai with a focus on helping daily wage workers, single mothers and aged widows.

The basic provisions in the kit include rice, salt, sugar packets and more, and the amount of money you want to donate is up to you.

XIII. Habitat for Humanity India

“Help Us Provide Habitat Family Essential Kits To The Underprivileged To Fight Against COVID-19”, this is their official slogan on ketto.org

The trained community workers will help distribution of “Hygiene Kits” to promote the use of soap/sanitisers / floor disinfectants to help keep hands and surroundings clean &Family Essentials Kits” to further support their daily needs whose source of income has been affected severely by the epidemic. They are raising funds for Liquid Hand Wash, Floor Disinfectant, Bathing Soap, Protective Mask, Pack of Handerkerchief, Clothes Washing Detergent, Utensil Bar Soap, Wheat Flour, Rice, Salt, Sugar, Tur Dal, Mung Dal, Tea Powder, Edible Oil.

The cost of each “Family Essential Kit” is Rs. 2,500/-

Donate now by clicking here.

XIV. PharmEasy: The Safety Of Our Heroes- Gift A Mask!

PharmEasy has pledged to provide doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers with N-95 masks. Donate now to contribute to their cause.

You can visit them here.

XV. Milaap: CORO

Many people who helped us in normal times are struggling today to pay bills. These include daily wage earners like rickshaw and taxi drivers, mall workers, maids, street vendors and others in the unorganized sector. CORO, a 30-year old NGO, works with these communities in Mumbai. We will distribute food packages, masks, sanitizers and soap to people who have been hit by the short-term closure of businesses. The amount needed is much larger and the Government will help eventually. But in the meantime, let’s help some of these people today.

XVI. Paigam - Delhi Waste Pickers’ #Corona Fight

In such times, especially in countries with high population densities and even higher levels of social, economic, political and class inequalities like India, it is tragic that it has become reflexive to forget the most vulnerable. One such vital vulnerable community, among the vast multitudes of communities that constitute the true spine of the Indian economy, is the waste pickers community. Provide a safety kit to each waste picker in New Seemapuri that will consist of a mask and a hand sanitizer.

Donate by clicking here.

Feature Image Credit: Khushiyaan Foundation- Instagram

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