Delhi Government Allows Home Delivery Of Liquor

Delhi Government Allows Home Delivery Of Liquor
L: The Hindustan Times; R: The Wire

As of June 01, the Delhi government has permitted home delivery of both Indian and international liquor. Mobile apps and internet web portals can be used to order Indian and foreign alcohol. However, this does not mean that liquor stores around the city will be able to deliver liquor to customers’ homes right away.

According to the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, which were published in a gazette notification on May 31, only traders holding the L-13 licence will be able to transport liquor ordered through specially prepared mobile apps and portals to customers’ homes

“The licensee shall make delivery of liquor at the residences only if the order is received through the mobile app or online web portal and no delivery shall be made to any hostel, office, and institution,” says the notification.

Home delivery was not explicitly prohibited under the prior law and holders of an L-13 licence were permitted to make such deliveries “at the residents only if the order is received via e-mail or fax (not by telephone).”

After images of crowding outside alcohol shops emerged following restrictions on their business timings in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Supreme Court stated this year that states should examine home delivery of liquor.

Additionally, the modified laws also allow independent restaurants, clubs, and bars affiliated to hotels to sell liquor in open spaces such as terraces, balconies, and courtyards, this, of course will be welcomed by restaurant owners.

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