Delhi’s Experimental Chocolate-Maker And Her Beautiful Cocoa Barks

Delhi’s Experimental Chocolate-Maker And Her Beautiful Cocoa Barks

There’s very little people can agree on these days, but one thing stands beloved by all, irrespective of trivialities like language, religion or gender and that’s Chocolate. Dating back to the age of the Aztecs, chocolate has always been revered as the nectar of the gods, the Mayans even worshipped their fertility goddess, Ixcacao as the Queen of Cacao and though today we’ve reigned in our enthusiasm to more socially acceptable levels, a great piece of chocolate can still right all the wrongs in the world.

If you’re in need of a little extra cocoa comfort this week, look no further than the Cocoa Bark series by Gitana Singh, a home-based chocolatier with a passion for making dessert magic. After quitting her job in advertising, Gitana was taking some time to plan her next move when the Cocoa Bark Series was conceived. For as long as she could remember she’s always loved baking and takes every opportunity to make new and interesting goodies for her friends and family.

Her creations come in 3 bases: white, milk and dark chocolate and with a wide variety of topping combinations such as Apple pie, Oreo and Marshmallow, Rose and Pistachio and Popcorn and Salted Caramel to name a few. But the true essence of her success is her customisation and attention to detail. “I like to speak with people and get a sense of what would people like and create a chocolate that is very uniquely theirs.” she tells us. And this is customisation in the true sense of the word, anything your heart desires, however unlikely “I was once asked to make a Lay’s Magic Masala bark, it was strange but the customer loved it.” She’s also created delights such as a Gin and Tonic bark with gin jellies and one of her personal favourites was a milk chocolate masala chai bark.

Of course there are many more traditional options as well but and though she’s happy to make you a bar in the weirdest, wackiest combinations you can dream up but we’re partial to her existing combinations simply because they’re as close to perfect as we can imagine. She’s experimenting with new flavours all the time and some of her latest additions to the ingredient drawer include dried apple flakes, Canadian maple syrup and lavender leaves, which we’re sure are destined to contribute to some pretty interesting creations.

Overall there’s very little not to love about the Cocoa Bark Series, the chocolate is perfectly tempered - a feat even top chefs struggle to achieve - and the exotic flavour combinations elevate it to something truly special. The only fault we could possibly find is that it’s a little hard to get hold of outside Delhi, since Gitana is still crafting each order personally, but if you’re dying for a taste (which you really should be) you can place an order via her website or give her a call and she’ll do her best to get you what you need.

For orders check out The Cocoa Bark Series website or call Gitana on 9873390485