do;be - The Streetwear Label Inspired By India’s Imperial History

do;be - The Streetwear Label Inspired By India’s Imperial History

Amid what has today become a brand-dense fashion landscape, a millennial streetwear label celebrating the richness of South Asian culture stands out. The young Bengaluru-based outfitters, ‘do;be’ takes pride in crafting collections that showcase the subcontinent’s brilliant Indo-Mughal heritage in conjunction with modern silhouettes.

Flourished with minimalist prints and culture-inspired motifs, their chic designs are refined and a far cry from the kitschy gale of graphics, many handicraft-inspired streetwear labels have become today. The subtlety and vibrancy in do;be’s creative expression comes from the brand’s deep-rooted impulse to offer the youth an opportunity to peer down the well of our country’s rich imperial history. Boasting iconic prints of cultural significance, like the Simurgh bird from Persian (Farsi) mythology and the Mughal Yudh Haathi (the Mughal war elephant) over its basic t-shirts and sweatshirts, the brand pays homage to empires of old, that have directly or subconsciously propelled the nation’s socio-cultural bloom.


Creative Direction

The brand’s collection is a love-child of pop-culture, mythology and Indian history, do;be also flaunts a flavour of African aesthetics, engendered by the founders’ growing years in West Africa.

One of the few modern labels undaunted by the idea of experimenting with bright hues like yellow and green, do;be is redefining the blue-white-black norm that governs most designer collections. While its new catalogues feature darker shades like grey and black, it’s their juxtaposition with green, yellow and kesari (orange) motifs that give them a unique voice. Unisex t-shirts, sweatshirts and waist-bags with Simurgh, rakshasa or yudh haathi prints are a common feature in their drops; each piece however embellished with distinct colour, print style and motif shapes.

Since its inception in 2018, the Bengaluru based maker of tasteful basics and ornate, culture-imbued wearables, has laid impetus on creating affordable casual-wear while making ‘Stay at Home fashion’, the ‘new cool’.

Its baggy, relaxed-fitted collection fosters a sense of body positivity among wearers while adding a dash of bright colour to their wardrobe. A massive stride in the direction of making casual-wear more inclusive comes in form of their new ‘Stay at Home’ shoot that dropped amid nationwide lockdowns. The pandemic fuelled a grave sense of anxiety and uncertainty among denizens, fashion aficionados and culture-vultures alike. Their wardrobe basics featuring a broad spectrum of hues from plush yellow to dull green and grey came as a welcome relief for everyone in search of reasonably-priced comfort-clothing.

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