Eat Lavish, Be Lavish - Homegrown's Top Picks Of Fine Dining Eateries In Goa

Credit -  Just Dial and Conde Nast Traveller India
Credit - Just Dial and Conde Nast Traveller India

Fine dining is a concoction of the finest chef- centric gourmet platters, the decadent and sophisticated ambiance, the gratifying arrangements. What a virtual tour we have planned for you today! Like we said before we yearn to give you nothing but the best, the crème de la crème. And what better time to go ahead and list the fine dining spots and list the number of them lined up along the block in balmy Goa? So, if you’ve spent the year being frugal with your expenses, now’s a good time to reconsider, to indulge yourself and pamper those tastebuds in these lavish eateries.

I. Amavi

Where: Cottage88, behind the art chamber , Guaravaddo, Calangute, Goa

Exuding a rustic look characterised by minimalist sophistication Amavi in Calangute is a diner of it’s own kind, although it joined the gastronomy biz recently, it has already captured hearts through our palettes and garnered all of the attention by it’s vibrant aura. Like all high end restaurants, the menu seems like it’s been designed to please the Lords and hence, for us indecisive mere mortals sets us into a fit of pandemonium, for each and every dish is unsurpassable. Perhaps, it is for the best that instead of bickering and mulling those decisions over and over in your head, consult the very elegant and poised staff that will guide you through your if’s and doubts. The service at this fine establishment of course is unmatched. All that being said, the ingredients that are devoured are of superior quality, the way that it’s been assembled too please not only your palette but also all your senses. The true mastermind and Merlin in her own wizcraft, the woman behind the velvet curtain, Chef Sumera, is a true delight and ensures that the meal that you’ve just experienced isn’t solely just a meal but a craft, in it’s own right. Chef Sumera’s repertoire also boasts of being matched up to the Michelin standards. We came, we saw, we ate, we loved.

Cost: Worth every damn penny for INR 2000 for two

Although it joined the gastronomy biz recently, it has already captured hearts through our palettes. Credit- Trip advisor and amaviuk

II. A Reverie

Where: Holiday Street, Gauravaddo, Calangute, Goa

Located and tucked away from the rashness of the city also sitting in Calangute strip, this fine dining establishment is epitome of dramatic, and we’re in love. If it ain’t extra within the fine dining context, then we don’t want it, or do we? Jokes, I’m a sucker for drama and this eatery just feeds and showcases drama on a plate, the drama that you’d love to devour all in one gulp or better yet, the kind of drama that demands to be savoured, as it’s colourful flavours flirt with your tastebuds and give you a taste of that fine dining experience. It just ups the ante with it’s unimpeachable interiors a combination of ivory and mahogany. Needless to stay that the service is top notch too. Bottoms up here’s to living in the moment and pampering ourselves with love in it’s tangible, edible form.

Cost: The immersive dining experience starts at INR 3000 for two.

This eatery just feeds and showcases drama on a plate. credit - Tripadvisor and just dial

III. Olive Bar & Kitchen

Where: Unit 1 , Vagator Helipad Big Vagator, Anjuna, Goa

Upon sauntering in to this work of gastronomy, pay heed to the light clashing of the waves along the shore, take in the salty sea air and immerse yourself in it’s sui generis atmosphere. The whole white and blue aesthetic theme gives away breezy Grecian vibes, so before you do seek the need to give a whole load of envious sentiments to your followers – sit back, relax and sip on that fine bubbly, overlooking this glorious scenery. If you do happen to be a seafood aficionado, your plate and palette shan’t dare to remain empty here. This lounge is also home to an extremely sophisticated deck of gins and tonics, to get you merrily tipsy or better yet, high as a kite. Mediterranean food is it’s true forte, here. So step up, get tipsy and gorge on a fine platter of mediterranean delights.

Cost: Fine mediterranean cuisine and the unrivalled scenery comes at the cost of INR 2000 for two people.

The whole white and blue aesthetic theme gives away breezy Grecian vibes. Credit - Just dial and Conde Nast Traveller India

IV. Tataki Immersive Asian Dining

Where: MG Road, Patto Colony, Panaji, Goa

For those who do happen to crave authentic sushi in tropical areas - you’re not to blame, our tongues are very fickle things. Well, to our fortuity smack down in the middle of Panjim, styled in a Portuguese building lies the solution to our cravings; Tataki that serves authentic asian cuisines marked by their undeniable ethos. By no means should you move at a glacial pace just by virtue of the fact that the waiting period is often extended up to an hour long, and in the case of some unfortunate scenarios it lasts even even longer. Be sure to step onboard and satiate those fickle babies (your taste buds, duh)

Cost: Worth it at INR 1800 for two.

Tataki serves authentic asian cuisines marked by their undeniable ethos. Credit - Zomato and LBB

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