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Socialise & Enjoy Scrumptious Food With Savor's Secret Supper Dinner Experiences

Visualise the concept of anonymity from the context of being surrounded by everything that exudes sophistication and exuberance. Experience Savor, as it presents to you all of the elements that are bound to buoyantly astonish you. Savor is an event and experience based company; meticulously crafting events alongside designing the most polished and tasteful experiences, in the culinary world. From catering to the likes of lunches, to assembling events that evoke nostalgia and are designed to last a lifetime. With many dinner’s set over a wide array of themes like; Savor time - exclusively created for a community of watch lovers, dedicated to those who are ardent collectors, watch makers and enthusiasts. Savor craft - a dinner series commemorating all of the masters and mavens in their varied crafts.

What’s a secret supper, you ask? Well, for starters the name just dishes it all (haha, no pun intended!) Secret suppers are meticulously planned meals that thrive on the element of surprise, the menu is tailored and refined to align with the scenario/surrounding atmosphere. Rendering that this is the home base of exceptional. The thrill lies in the unknown; there’s no telling with whom you’re going to be sharing the table with. Whether it be a writer who loves spilling over emotion after downing a few glasses of wine, an artist who drips talent and gracefully paints his way through life. Savor thrives on delivering one - off, unrepeatable experiences moulded for you to cherish forevermore. Think of it from a very bitter sweet perspective, that one stranger whom you shared a deep bond with upon your very first encounter and you won’t quite meet again unless the Gods decipher it to be. Just like that Savor’s Founder Kanu Gupta, lets us in on the behind the scenes and what goes into making of a secret supper. “It’s all about bringing people together, creating memories through the context of sharing and bonding through food.” “At Savor we focus all our energy on the delivering quality by selecting the finest outsourced ingredients and banking upon themes for our suppers.” Kanu says in the context of what goes into the making of a secret supper.

Inculcating culture in food is ubiquitous and is also inevitable, if anything it aways banks upon culture in terms of playing with varied flavours. Here at Savor’s secret supper the main focus is centred around a theme, through which the flavours and the food revolves around, do note that these themes aren’t repeated - “we look for those that enjoy surprise and wonder in their food as much as they do in their lives.”

“The guest list isn’t exclusive, all we’re looking for are dynamic individuals who share a passion towards gastronomy and are ingenious, it would be a good fit for the table.” After all the unremitting efforts, the skillsmanship, the artistry - the main element that remains are the memories being spun across the circumference of the table, this is how memories are crafted through this sole timed wonder. “What truly pleases us is to see, people still seated and all engaged in various chatter, even way after the meal ends.” Through the clincking of the cutlery and the chatter, relations have emerged, you could also say that these secret suppers may also be shrouded as cupid. Rare occasions like these do account for miracles. As Savor has never relied on marketing and propagated through word of mouth, it is rather Serendipitous that you’re hearing it through us. So, get yourself together, don on that special outfit that you’ve been saving for a special occasion and it’s time to RSVP.

Be sure to RSVP on their website, right here!

Reach out to Savor on their Instagram , or contact them on +917045451777.

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