Eco-Friendly ‘Beej Patakhas’ Fulfil Your Diwali Cravings & Save The Planet

Eco-Friendly ‘Beej Patakhas’ Fulfil Your Diwali Cravings & Save The Planet

Each year, as we welcome a new wave of positivity and light with Diwali and hope that a fresh beginning will prove to be filled with love and joy, we also give way to one of the biggest evils that plague the planet – pollution.

So far, bursting firecrackers on the auspicious festival of Diwali has been in tradition to light up the surroundings. This year, 21Fools devised a novel way to enjoy the appeal of crackers without contributing to pollution as also, double as a way to do good for our environment. ‘Beej Patakha’ are seeds in the form of common Indian firecrackers. Unlike regular crackers, rather than being burst, they are meant to be sown for a new plant come to life. These seed crackers have been fondly made by farmers and artisans in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh & Sanganer, Rajasthan.

Their ‘Microgreens Ladi’ contains seven pairs of microgreens that can be sowed in pots, and with regular watering, you will have your microgreens within a month – almost like a Diwali gift to yourself!

Graphic designer and illustrator Riya Shah’s magical packaging design will not only make you reminiscent of your childhood, but will also give you all the more reason to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.

21Fools says, “Barood nahi, beej chuno” (Choose seeds, not gunpowder) — and we could not agree more!

You can find 21Fools here.

You can find Riya Shah here.

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