Enjoy Unique Homegrown Board Games At This Cafe In Mumbai

Chai & Games
Chai & GamesChai & Games

Imagine it's a cold, rainy day evening. You are sitting in a beautiful, cozy cafe, sipping hot tea, surrounded by your friends and loved ones. There are several unique as well as popular board games at your disposal. The inner child in you is joyous. Life’s good!

Speaking of such a snug and peaceful space, there is a unique cafe called Bombay Board Game Club, created by Mumbai-based board gaming company, Chai & Games. The cafe offers a comfortable environment where you can sit for hours, even days playing modern board games. It is a great way to spend quality indoor time with your folks or have fun socializing with a community of board game enthusiasts. Chai & Games has over 250 board games in their library to choose from and the visitors are served complimentary tea. They also have other beverages to choose from to keep you refreshed during your game sessions.

We have all heard of popular board games like ludo, chess, Dungeons & Dragons, Settlers of Catan, etc but Chai & Games houses some of the most unique board games you can imagine. One particular one that catches the eye is a crime-solving board game called Chronicles of Crime, created by Lucky Duck Games. The information comes to you in bits and pieces as you go through the game. Like many other board games of today, you use your smartphone to scan several QR codes on the board. Each QR code will reveal more details about the suspects and the items found at the crime scene. You will have four helping hands: a hacker, at the Intelligence Bureau, a scientist at the forensic lab, a coroner at the morgue, and a criminologist. They will help you with your investigation if you get stuck. The layout and the artwork of the cards in the game are intricately done and you can have hours of fun solving crimes with your best pals.

A layout of the board game, 'Chronicles of Crime'
A layout of the board game, 'Chronicles of Crime'bigredbarrel.com

While Chai & Games keeps board games from developers across the world, they also focus on keeping board games with an Indian theme and made by Indian developers. The purpose is to have and promote board games that resonate with the Indian audience. One such game is Chai Garam, designed by Sidhant Chand and published by Dice Toy Labs. In Chai Garam players are chai tapris(Hindi for tea stall owners) and they will be serving tea in a mela(Hindi for fairgrounds). It is a 2-4 players game and the objective is to earn money selling tea and earn good reviews.

A layout of the board game, 'Chai Garam'
A layout of the board game, 'Chai Garam'Bored Game Comapny

Chai & Games’s cafe is a queer-friendly space and is owned by a group of women. It is located at the second floor of 206, Man Excellenza, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Mumbai. They also specialize in organizing and hosting game show events. To date, they have hosted an average of 3-4 events in a month that caters to corporate companies, kitty, and private birthday parties both indoors and at special locations, as per the client’s request. So what are you waiting for? Assemble your group of board game aficionados and visit the Bombay Board Game Club today.

You can find out more about Chai & Games here. Learn about the hundreds of other board games they offer and how to play them from their YouTube Channel here and follow them on Instagram.