Experience A Slice Of Goan Life At This Pet-Friendly Boutique Homestay In Goa

Experience A Slice Of Goan Life At This Pet-Friendly Boutique Homestay In Goa
Bate Papo

On many occasions, we have all thought, “Let me drop everything and just move to Goa.” It may not be so much as the place itself, but their susegad way of life –– laid back, relaxed, with a focus on all things good in life.

While this idea may not become reality, we always have the option of experiencing it for a few days on holiday. To make it one to remember, it is imperative to pick the perfect stay. Yes, hotels may be luxurious, but were you really in Goa if you didn’t live like a Goan?

Bate Papo, a boutique home and cafe in Saligao should be at the top of your list for an authentic Goan stay with a touch of indulgence. Run by Baneen Karachiwala and Rohit D’Cruz, this is the perfect spot for a brilliant meal, as well as a fulfilling stay. The old Goan home gives you the perfect degree of comfort, and its five rooms will make you want to stay forever. The home does into stray into unnecessary worldly demands or commercial aspects and makes for a stay that you will remember as loving.

Image Courtesy: Bate Papo

The old feel of the home is omnipresent. From its wooden structures to the regal-feel furniture, Goa’s spirit emanates from every corner. Bate Papo is all about introducing visitors to the Goan way of life –– appreciating the warm sun, living a holistic experience, and staying present in the moment.

Pet parents will be excited to know that Bate Papo welcomes your furry babies with open arms and warm hearts. A homestay in Goa with your pet? Nothing really tops that!

Image Courtesy: Bate Papo

Along with the promise of a wondrous stay, Bate Papo’s food is one for the books. With fresh ingredients and masterful preparation, one should definitely keep this spot in mind for a meal.

This boutique homestay and cafe is a slice of Goa you will find difficult to forget. Anyone who has been to Goa cherishes each moment, and Bate Papo gives you the opportunity to enrich that with their charm, hospitality, and an exciting feel of being home in Goa.

Find Bate Papo Goa here.

You can also reach them at +91 9243434318.

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