Explore India’s Biggest Tattoo Festival In New Delhi This Year

Explore India’s Biggest Tattoo Festival  In New Delhi This Year
(L-Heartwork Tattoo Festival ; R-Lokesh Verma)

Tattooing is one of the most dynamic forms of art as it gives an outlet for the artist to express their ideology and their personality through art, without having to speak or write.

Tattoo as an art form is not new to India. It has been practised by many Indian tribes for ages, for reasons ranging from beautifying the body, to donning it as a mark of identity. The ancient art of the tattoo has now been appropriated as part of pop culture by the younger generation who use body art for making fashion statements, political statements etc. So, if getting a tattoo has been one of your new year wishes, you can go get one at The Heartwork Tattoo Festival (5th edition) 2019 at Amphitheatre, Ansal Plaza Andrews Ganj, New Delhi. This festival is the ultimate 3-day devotion to “INK ART”. It is a perfect platform to showcase talent from across the globe and put India on the global map of a world-class tattoo convention.

India has been progressing in several aspects. The contemporary Indian society is very modern, vibrant and open to exploring newer ideas.This has made the young populace interested in knowing more about the tattoo culture, which has been a part of Indian heritage and tradition since eons. Some of the best tribal tattoo work can be seen etched on the bodies of tribes living in North East India, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh to name a few. Our focus is to put India on the global map and give exposure to the young Indian talents who are creating some amazing work in the tattoo art space.

Earlier people used to get random tattoos inked, but now more often than not, there is a genuine thought behind it. They want their tattoos to speak for themselves, and represent the core of who they are.

What is unique about the 5th edition of this festival is its sheer grandeur and flamboyance. It is India’s only international tattoo festival held over 3 days, featuring over 150 Indian and 60 International artists, and an expected footfall of 12k+ visitors. A total of 150 stalls have been set up by the participating artists. Legends of the international tattoo industry will take upcoming artists through live demonstrations on various art practices & design methods showcasing their work. Each day there will be live music bands & DJs performing in the evenings, creating a fun vibe for the audience.

Not to be missed is a ‘live tattoo on-the-spot’ competition, held across 3 days of the festival with multiple categories to compete in every day. The best selected tattoos will be awarded trophies & prizes by our sponsors.

Our inspiration behind this festival is to create a niche for our industry professionals that are doing tremendous work worldwide. By curating a platform like this, we enable talented artists to showcase their work and help budding artists learn from them on a broader scale. This platform will help create a great opportunity for international artists to establish a strong presence in India.

The festival includes an international convention, followed by body art workshops, a tattoo seminar, tattoo contest etc. It is also going to be a musically enriching and flamboyant event comprising hip hop dance battles, as well as live music.

The international artists invited to the event include Pavel Angel, Nastasya Utsinova, Stephen Negur, Evgeny Pioner (Russia) Jamie Mahood, Jocke and Mike Hultman (USA) Ru Hwan and team, Tattoo factory (Korea) Jason, Tu Moko and Ify, Polynesian/Maori tattoo artists (New Zealand/ Australia), Horiei (Japan) and many more. Indian artists invited to the event include Lokesh Verma, Sameer Patange, Vikas Malani, Anirban Sarkar and Aaman Hussain.

If nothing has lived up to your expectations this year, think no more and head to the Heartwork Tattoo Festival starting 6th December in New Delhi, for a fun and enriching experience.

In collaboration with The Heartwork Tattoo Festival, Homegrown gives you a chance to get inked by offering free vouchers worth Rs. 5000 each on the first and second days of the event, along with a special slot worth approx. 450$ with an international artist on the third day.

With 50 passes up for grabs, keep an eye on Homegrown stories and posts for more updates.

In order to participate in the giveaway and stand a chance to win, fill the google form here.

When: 6th-8th December, 2019

Where: Amphitheatre, Ansal Plaza Andrews Ganj, New Delhi

Time: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM

Entry fee: Rs. 200 for single day, Rs. 500 festival ticket (For 3 days)

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