Freshen Up Your Footwear With These Homegrown Sneaker Care Labels

Freshen Up Your Footwear With These Homegrown Sneaker Care Labels

At some point, we’ve all found ourselves trying to cop a prestigious pair of Yeezys or ogled at the latest Nike colourways on the market. While buying a prestigious pair of kicks is always a not so cheap thrill, the process of keeping them crisp and crease-free is always a challenge.

Taking care of your sneakers, whether it’s an expensive pair or basic beaters is necessary if you want them to last longer. Gone are the days when shoe cleaning was all about a handy old brush and some soap.

The sneakerhead industry has also given rise to a cottage industry that aims to help you preserve your premium cops and keep your kicks good as new. Believe us when we tell you that sneaker hygiene is super efficient and accessible with these emerging Homegrown sneaker care brands.

From basic clean-ups to extreme makeovers, we’ve got you covered.

Image Courtesy: Sneakare India

I. Sneakare India

Add new life to your sneakers with Sneakare’s elaborate range of cutting edge sneaker products that include cleaning, care, and protection formulas. Save yourself from the heartbreak of scrubby kicks by choosing eco-friendly shoe cleaning brushes, towels, and microfiber surface mats that are bound to elevate your sneaker cleaning experience. If you’re someone who hates the struggle of bad weather days and kicks, we suggest trying the water+stain repellent spray that is deemed as the holy grail for stepping out carefree.

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II. Sneakinn laundry

While using top notch cleaning products to secure your shoe health is quite effective, nothing beats the magic of a professional cleanup and Sneakinn Laundry does it exceptionally well. The Delhi based company is your fix for keeping kick in box-fresh form. The label offers a variety of intensive cleaning services- from a classic cleanse which will deep clean your kicks to water proofing, DE-yellowing, sole and crease protecting as well as restoration.

Motivated to inculcate a recyclable etiquette among sneaker enthusiasts, the label encourages people to skip the use and dispose culture for a restorative culture. Owing to an overwhelming response, the label has also started dealing with leather goods, wallets and bag cleaning services.

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III. Helios India

Let your shoes and personality do the talking as you try on Helios India’s easy to use a range of sneaker cleaning products that come at a super affordable price. We’re talking leather and sneaker wipes, foot odour sprays and sports shoe kits all under 1000 bucks! The Homegrown approved range of shoe grooming kits come equipped to renovate suede, leather, and other fabrics to give them a long-lasting shine.

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