Gabar: The South Asian Fragrance Label Embracing Slow Living

Gabar: The South Asian Fragrance Label Embracing Slow Living

There’s something personal yet deeply impactful about figuring out one’s personal fragrance. In a market that offers an abundance of sensory experiences, it can be quite daunting to commit to a particular scent that you can call your own.

The best scents are usually the ones that help you connect with a cherished memory, a sensory ode to natural elements or even an artisanal experiment that leave your spirits feelings elevated at the end of the day. While fragrances are subjective, we can all agree that the best kind of perfumes is the ones with a story to tell that set the tone and complements one’s individuality.

Image Courtesy: Gabar Myanmar

“We built Gabar on the very premise that every single person on this earth comes with a specific mission. The things they are good at, the places and people and objects they naturally gravitate towards, and the specific challenges they have faced and continue to face. It’s the raw, wondrous dimensions that make up a person’s unique and dynamic self.”

— Gabar

Enter Gabar, a “...mind and body fragrance brand nurturing the next vanguard of global creators.”

Built on the premise of thoughtful creation and nurturing intent, the label is invested in creating fragrances that inspire quiet and true, conscious presence; to express yourself without judgement, and to connect, play, and create without boundaries.

Presenting itself as more of a movement than a brand, the fragrance brand chooses to tune out the noise and beckons its audience to revel in the beauty of slow living. Deep notes of wood bark, lapping floral undertones and mossy bases of cedarwood and amber creates a delightful voyage for the senses.

A brand with a bold cause, the label is rooted in Myanmar, yet made for the world. The recipe for Gabar’s fragrances is a concoction of its rich South Asian history; one that cements a holistic wellness approach on a global scale. In keeping with the spirit of conscious living, Gabar donates a percentage of all its sales to the rebuilding of Myanmar, This includes a donation to Prospect Burma, a UK and Myanmar-based organization that supports Myanmar’s young people to gain higher education and skills.

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