Get Your Late Night ‘Chindian’ Fix From This Tiny Bandra Joint

Get Your Late Night ‘Chindian’ Fix From This Tiny Bandra Joint

This delivery-only joint is only Bandra-centric as far as their delivery scope goes, but their small yet selective menu covers the culinary hit list of Indian and Chinese cuisine. There aren’t too many places where you can order both Paneer Bhurji and Dim Sum, and even fewer where you’ll walk away with your intestines intact, making Chowk To China a Bandra must eat.

Their prices are very reasonable with the high ticket item being the Tandoori Chicken at INR 285, and the majority of the other dishes lying around the INR 200 price mark. Moreover, this isn’t your typically grease stained delivery with a little added savoriness from the cook’s sweat beads. This is a small kitchen with a small menu that does justice to the dishes they serve, whilst curating their dishes to appeal to a wide audience. They offer a balance of veg and non-veg dishes as well as a variety of choice designed to cater to differing palates.

Your bud on a diet can get the sauteed Pokchoy, Cabbage and Spinach, your veg friend who for some reason doesn’t eat green vegetables can get the Kungpao potato, your foreign friend can get the Buffalo Wings, your foodie friend can get the Steamed Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce with a side of Prawn Dim Sum and your tipsy ass can get some Bhuna Chicken, Butter Chicken and Tadka Dal (all served with roti/rice and salad) to soak up any semblance of a hangover. The cherry on top of this hole-in-the-wall delivery-only joint is that they’ll come to your tummy’s aid until 2:00 am. So whether you’re as drunk as a skunk or as sober as a samaritan this little kitchen caters to you - as long as you live in Bandra!

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