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If you like combatting the rising tourist influx that swarm in, into the ports of Sunny Goa; if you unlike any other refuse to hop on the bandwagon and would oblige in spending quality time driving around aimlessly in the hopes to wind up in a quaint, picturesque spot. If it isn’t for basking in the sun and soaking up a good tan, sipping Pina Coladas; we’ve compiled a list of spots worth all of the travel. Well, it sure does look like we’ve got you covered. It’s time to stop clinging onto the mundane ways and take a rather adventurous plunge into exploring these palm clad straits.

I. Fontainhas

This quaint little quarter is bound to leave you with a notion of being teleported to a latin hamlet. Lined with Portuguese styled architecture in a spray of vivid and distinct hues, matched with pastel and lively shades. This neighbourhood makes for a very Instagram worthy picture. For those who love to paint a bigger picture, wander the streets admiring the aesthetic. Sit in a cafe, penning down your thoughts and expressing your gratitude for all of the small pleasures that life has to offer.

Quench your thirst at Joseph’s Bar located in Fontainhas exudes extremely rustic vibes, flourish within the friendly ambiance and the positive jeering. Folks, it doesn’t get much more authentic than this. It looks like a scene straight out of a Mario Miranda sketch.

II. Safa Masjid

Sitting staunchly facing a wondrous, crystal clear, emerald hued flowing river. Constructed in the year 1510, the uniquely clad Baroque Portuguese architecture and the tropical landscape of Goa provides for a rather immaculate setting and scenery. The locals that inhabit this whole strait often saunter here, after their siesta; to get a glimpse of this magnificent view. Make sure you pay homage to this work of art.

The uniquely clad Baroque Portuguese architecture and the tropical landscape of Goa. Credit- Kevin Standage

III. Fort Tiracol

Constructed in the late 17th Century; this newly turned luxury heritage hotel has traveled down the historical pathway, dating back to Goa’s struggle for freedom. It’s has hence come a long way since being an armed fortress of the Portuguese during the tenure of their regime. This fort also features a church with bold and ornate European architecture. Offering you scenic views, cornered by the Arabian Sea; this gem is bound to leave you mesmerised.

Scenic views, cornered by the Arabian Sea. Credit - The Goa Villa

IV. Cumbarjua Canal

Known as the backwaters of Goa, this 15 km crocodile canal bridging two other tributaries namely the Mandovi and Zuari. These backwaters waters are home to a rare species of crocodiles, known as the Marsh Muggars. Making this canal overtly known for it’s crocodile safaris in these amazonian like waterways. Locals claim that these crocs keep to themselves, something I wouldn’t personally be to keen on believing. “The local children even swim in the canal with crocodiles nearby. In fact, in the village of Durbhatwadi on the canal, the crocs are worshipped as the guardian spirit of the community. There is even a crocodile worship festival (called Maange Thapnee in Konkani) which is celebrated on the day of the new moon in January!”

V. Valpoi

This spot is known for Goa’s famous ‘juice’ as my father would say. Take the hint, Cashews; the Feni, duh. Cashew apple harvesting season starts from March to May. Madame Rosa Distillery’s farm in Valpoi, gives you the advantage to go get your own fresh pick and witness how this fine and traditional distillery works.

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