Grab Unique Slow Fashion Pieces & Styling Inspiration At Upkeep Thrifts

Grab Unique Slow Fashion Pieces & Styling Inspiration At Upkeep Thrifts
Upkeep Thrifts

At Homegrown, we are suckers for forward-thinking fashion – fashion that is slow, genderless and all things good. With the advent of Instagram thrift stores in 2020, such fashion was able to make its way to the spotlight.

Upkeep Thrifts is one such store that we have our eye on. A hard-to-beat collection and its impeccable photography allow us to truly appreciate the work they put into it. A standout feature of their Instagram store, one that sets them apart from most of the others, is the creative direction they take to showcase their products. In their pictures, fashion mingles with local culture as much as it does with the individual modelling it. With tinges of a desi feel, whether that be through the setting or accessories, Upkeep Thrifts is about more than just clothes.

With bold prints, vibrant colours, and the possibility to style each piece differently, the store’s collection is definitely worth a browse.

Curators of the page, Anu Pal and Ratan Vhatkar do a praiseworthy job of putting together collections that are dropped every Tuesday and Friday.

Be sure to glance through their ‘Available’ highlight to get your hands on some great pieces!

Find Upkeep Thrifts here.

Find Anu Pal here.

Find Ratan Vhatkar here.

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