Graveyards & Gravy: Dine With The Dead At This Ahmedabad Restaurant

Graveyards & Gravy: Dine With The Dead At This Ahmedabad Restaurant

At Homegrown, we’re all about new experiences spanning sectors of travel, adventure, lifestyle, and more, but one that remains close to our hearts is that of food. Finding new blends of cuisines to visiting novel restaurants, our hunger for such experiences is insatiable.

We happened to come across the New Lucky restaurant in Ahmedabad recently and thought it would be unfair to not share this gem with you. In addition to its menu, it is also famous for its peculiar setting – atop a graveyard. When owner Krishnan Kutti learned that the land the land he now owns is actually a cemetery, he chose to transform it into the main attraction of his restaurant, rather than laying cement over it. Wild, we know!

The coffins are spread across the layout of the restaurant, with tables scattered between them. Surrounded by iron fences, the coffins are kept secure and neat – allowing the guests to dine in peace, we presume.

The name ‘Lucky’ seems ironic when you consider its setting, but Atlas Obscura tells us that according to Krishnan Kutti, the dead brings them good luck. As an act of respect, each grave is cleaned every morning and is then showered with flowers.

The New Lucky restaurant’s five decades of busting business is testament to the good fortune brought to it by the dead. So the next time you are in Ahmedabad, and are in the mood to dine with the dead, you know where to head.

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