HGWatch: CEE’s Latest Music Video From The Rainforests Of Malaysia

HGWatch: CEE’s Latest Music Video From The Rainforests Of Malaysia

For almost two decades now, CEE has been associated with creating an underground subculture. The Malaysia-based-DJ and producer is popularly known for Al-Haca Sound System which shaped global bass in the early 2000s. It was around 2012 that CEE shifted base to Kuala Lumpur from Vienna and introduced his heavy bass tremors and earth-shaking vibrations to the region. Having dabbed into Dancehall and Dub along the year, he is now returning to his original heavy bass sound system style.

From his studio outside the rainforests of Malaysia, CEE has released a music video for his song, Worldwide. The music video is a follow-up to the song’s immense success on Bandcamp. Released under Boxout.FM Recordings, the song is made in collaboration with Arabyrd and Ride Shafique.

In the words of Boxout.FM Recordings, “CEE is now sharing both his sonic and visual creations with a music video to follow. Shot in a jungle, it shapes a form of fantasy for us to daydream into during these times of isolation.”

The upbeat and groovy tunes, along with heavy bass tremors set to the black and white monotone rainforests, blend seamlessly and lend a sense of visual poetry or rather poetry in motion to the video.

CEE’s music is strongly influenced by Dancehall — a popular Jamaican music genre that has loud and fast-paced beats. Recognising his social responsibility in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in early June of 2020, he took to Bandcamp to say, “All the music I make originates from Black culture. Period. Considering the history and pain that bore fruit to the music that makes my life, I realise now that I have not put enough money and energy into correcting racial injustices. This changes now.”

All his Bandcamp earnings for the month of June went to Know Your Rights Camp that legally supports victims of police brutality across the US.

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