Hip-Hop Artists Dappest x adL's New Album Showcases Their Versatility

Hip-Hop Artists Dappest x adL's New Album Showcases Their Versatility

Adiel Massar also known as ‘adL’, and Dapher Laloo, who also is known by his moniker ‘Dappest ’ have teamed up to release their full-length debut album ‘At Your Service’ via Export Quality Records. Spanning over a wide range of styles within the Hip-Hop/R&B space, the album showcases the versatility of adL, while Dapper taps into his untamed genius, revitalising rap using his notes and breaking out into catchy vocal lines ever so often across the album.

The diverse album offers a quintessential blend of rap and passion. The lead single ‘Wishes’ sets the tone with a laid-back beat and infectious hook, leaving us wanting more and more. The album curates an engrossing experience for the listener, from the feel-good anthem that is ‘GYSO’ to the afro-beats of ‘Madaz’ to the head-bopping groove of ‘Go Lo’, and the R&B stylings of ‘Zone’, At Your Service will have you moving from start to finish.

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As a music-producer, beat-maker, cellist, arranger & DJ from Shillong, adL incorporates a wide range of genres, drawing influence from western, Afro and eastern cultures. Similarly, Dappest, a rap-artist, vocalist and composer essentially integrate elements rooted in African-American culture; presenting distinct assimilation of influences in his music.

Sharing their thoughts on the collaboration:

“We’ve sort of waited two and a half years to put out this album. It’s been a wild ride. There was actually no specific concept to this particular album, we just wanted to experiment with as many styles as we possibly could. The album is reflective of how we like to celebrate and appreciate global music culture and in doing so, incorporating our own original sound to it. We decided to name the album ‘At Your Service’ with a reason to serve the listener a platter of a wide range of genres with the intention of showcasing our versatility. It was really tough to bring about the balance between maintaining the authenticity of a genre yet moulding it into our own sound.”

— Dappest & adL

Listen to the album here.

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