History Redesigned: Past Meets Present At This 400-Year-Old Heritage Home In Goa

History Redesigned: Past Meets Present At This 400-Year-Old Heritage Home In Goa
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There are several ways to explore Goa, and it all comes down to your preference on what you consider to be travel. The destination is plentiful in so many spheres –– beaches, sports, culture, history, food and drinks, parties, and more. Goa’s Susegad lifestyle is probably not the most heard of, but when one gets to know more about the chill and laidback characteristics, it feels all the more relatable.

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

Architect Rochelle Santimano was in charge of restoring the home and giving the life it exudes today. Perfectly maintaining the charm and quirks of the structure, she succeeds at giving Villa Saudade the feel reminiscent of modern-day vacations. Now enhanced with a lovely shade of aqua, reworked tiling, and a deep rework of the interior design, Saudade makes for a faultless environment. Now lying at the crossroads of the Portuguese influences and her modern take on the aesthetics, the blue nuances and clean spacing makes each space of the bungalow worth spending time in with a cup of coffee, a hefty meal that demands a nap, or even a glass (or two) of wine.

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

To soak up this experience wholly, staying in a homely place (that is also novel and beautiful) is almost imperative. Here is where Villa Saudade comes in. The 21,000 square feet property is a 400-year-old bungalow which once belonged to historian Vasco Pinho. Having stood the tests of time, this home holds immense cultural history –– from the Portuguese rule to their battle with the Marathas, the villa is teeming with tales at every corner.

Something that this villa does very well is the amount of natural light that comes through various avenues. It is not so much about just the brightness as such; it has more to do with how you feel while indoors; lighter, and so close to nature that it feels like you’re part of it. Rochelle also ensured the integration of local resources in the home, with most of the upholstery coming from the local Goan markets. The artwork all over the house also comes from Goan artists.

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

Villa Saudade in the Arpora village makes for one of those dreamy stays. With a feel of modernity in a heritage home, this property is as comfortable as it gets in Goa. Experiencing a 400-year-old history never felt much easier, all while still feeling connected to the present.

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