Homegrown Fashion Brand IMWIP Champions Acceptance & Inclusivity

Homegrown Fashion Brand IMWIP Champions Acceptance & Inclusivity

Creativity, in its many forms, can be used to spread various messages of joy –– luckily for us, many creatives do so in their own ways –– whether that be art, words, or even one of our favourites, fashion.

Homegrown brand IMWIP (I’m Work In Progress) is one such brand that uses the utility and power of fashion to make people feel accepted and appreciated. As their name suggests, they are big believers of working on yourself to be who you are happy to be, and not what others would expect –– ‘At IMWIP, you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously’.

With an all-inclusive line of clothing, IMWIP excels at catering to customers in terms of quality and design. They also do their bit for the environment by using fabrics that are produced with reduced energy and water consumption per kilogram of textile –– it’s everything we adore!

As IMWIP believes, happiness is not necessarily a destination –– neither could we agree more, nor could their collections fulfil that value any better.

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